Installing Your FRISKA Desk

FRISKA desks are designed to be really simple to install. But if you’d rather not do it yourself, ask us.

How quickly can you install my sit/stand desk?

We’ll usually install your desk within 10 working days of order. If you need it sooner than that, we can deliver your desk in the next day or two if you’re happy to assemble it yourself.

Who’s installing my standing desk?

We hear you. You’d rather your installation be carried out by experts rather than delivery drivers with screwdrivers. Well rest easy, because our installation team are trained, qualified and highly skilled standing desk engineers.

Why does that matter? Because on the rare occasions they encounter an issue, they can usually fix it there and then. They work fast. And they’ll always treat your home or office with respect.

What does installation include?

We will:

  1. Deliver your standing desk(s)
  2. Unpack and install them
  3. Check everything’s working
  4. Show you how to operate and reset
  5. Remove and recycle all the packaging

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Where do you install?

Our engineers install anywhere on the UK mainland. As we’re based in Hemel Hempstead, you’ll appreciate that installations in places like Portree, Penzance or Portmeirion might cost a little extra.

Call us for a quote, but remember, if you choose not to have installation, you can have delivery for free and we’ll usually despatch same day.

Will you remove my old desk?

Whenever we can. If there’s room on the van and you ask us nicely, we’ll do our best, but we can’t promise.

How much does installation cost?

Installation prices start from £157 (inc. VAT) for a single desk, with the final price determined by the type of desk and your location.The more desks you order, the lower the price will be.

Call us for a quote

I’m relocating. Will you move my FRISKA?

Yes! When you’re ready to move, get in touch. We’ll disassemble, safely transport and reassemble your FRISKA desks at their new home. Call us for a quote.

Questions about your FRISKA desk installation? Give us a call.

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