Standing Desk Stability: Wave Goodbye to Wobble

For many of our customers in the market for a brilliant standing desk, the $64,000 dollar question is ‘will it wobble’? Here’s our answer…


Anyone can make a standing desk that’s as sturdy as a rock at ground level. It’s what happens when you raise the desk to its fullest standing height that separates the best from, well, you know.


We designed FRISKA desks to be the sturdiest sit/stand desks you’ll find. Here’s how.


7 steps to the world’s sturdiest desk


  1. A FRISKA frame is manufactured from world-class quality steel
  1. Our desktops are 25mm thick, 5-7mm thicker than many of our competitors
  2. Most standing desks use a ladder-type under-fame. Sometimes it’s made of rather puny steel. Sometimes it’s ok. But no ladder frame can match the sturdiness of the hefty U-beam we use on a FRISKA
  3. Inserts that help the legs glide up and down are individually tailored to each leg – because tighter tolerances mean less wobble. No other standing desk manufacturers go to that trouble
  4. Most standing desks have an average of ten fixpoints that connect the frame to the desktop. FRISKAs use double that.
  5. FRISKA fixings are beefier. Most desks on the market use 5- or 6-mm bolts to bolt the frame together. We use 8 mm. This means a higher torque can be applied, which in turn means they are less likely to ever work loose
  6. On our non-customised desks, all desktop bolts screw into threaded metal inserts in the desktop that prevent fixings working loose over time
  7. Chunky feet use 8 mm securing bolts to provide a rock-solid base






Customer reviews

“The desk does its one thing really well while standing rock solid” – Richard M


“Bought one desk a couple of weeks ago and so impressed have come back already for a second one. Desk is extremely sturdy as described” – Graeme M


“Very, very well built, really heavy and sturdy. Couldn’t ask for more!” Joe H


That’s what our customers say about the sturdiness of their FRISKA desks. You should see what they say about our award-winning service…


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Detailed customer reviews

DevFuzz took the trouble to carry out a review of every aspect of their FRISKA experience.


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How solid is solid?


We’re not suggesting your disk won’t vibrate a little if you take a running jump at it, but you’d never do that in normal use. That’s when standing desk wobble manifests itself as a slight blurring/bouncing of the screen when you type or the slight shake noticeable in your Zoom call. Usually, the longer you live with it, the more irritating it gets. Usually, the cheaper the desk (in every sense) the worse the wobble.


That’s why, at FRISKA, we designed a standing desk to prevent wobble, not to fit a price point.


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