About Us

Hello. We’re FRISKA.

A while back, we set out to make the world’s best standing desk. By combining Swedish engineering and British timber, we believe we achieved exactly that. Our customers seem to agree.

Feel better with a FRISKA. Work better with a FRISKA.

FRISKA means ‘healthy’ in Swedish. Our standing desks are designed to help you achieve a better balance between work and health. Better circulation. Better posture. Less shoulder and back pain.

Getting out of your chair for a while every day can help with all of these. And there’s no better desk to stand (or sit) at than a FRISKA.

Precisely made

We’d like to introduce you to another Swedish word: lagom. It means ‘just right’ or ‘in balance’. Every FRISKA frame is engineered and manufactured in Sweden, but lagom is an approach we take to every part of our desks, the parts made in Sweden and the parts made in the UK.

Lagom means we don’t cut corners. Nor do we overengineer. Instead we’ve honed and refined to achieve the perfect balance of design and function, of frame, motors and desktop. The result? The most reliable, stable, lagom standing desk you’ll find.

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Just good sense

Not every standing desk is the same. Some are noisier. Some are punier. Some wobble.

Some sit stand desks will take an age to arrive (ours will usually be with you tomorrow). Some are guaranteed for a year or two (our Stockholm desks are guaranteed for ten). Some ship from the other side of the world and bring a huge carbon footprint with them. Not FRISKA.

We’re under no illusions that there are cheaper standing desks out there (in every sense of the word). But you won’t find a better value one.

The things that set us apart

We make standing desks. We only make standing desks. We apply 40 years of electro-mechanical know-how to doing it. We think that matters.

Because we make our own desks, it’s easier for us to customise them, so you can have virtually any size and colour you like. We carry huuuge stocks, so there’s no hanging about waiting for your order to arrive.

It also matters to us that we make our desks closer to home. Because when you can stand in the same room as your suppliers and partners, you can make a better desk.

Discover it for yourself.

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