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The Primo designer standing desk is made in Sweden to our exacting quality standards and features electrical sit to stand height adjustment with dual motors for exceptional smoothness and reliability.  This ensures it is amongst the quietest and quickest height adjustable designer desks available with cutting edge looks and robust offset legs, coupled with forward mounted tapered outriggers, it sits a cut above the rest, making a clear statement of minimalist design and quality.

The elegant frame is finished in raw metal, highlighting the welds and heat-spots and protected with a matte finish lacquer, available in 3 different sizes and 18 different desktop colours and finishes from stock, for same day despatch.

Now with both physical and Bluetooth controls, and an App adjustable anti-collision sensor, the Primo designer desk gives you total control flexibility and takes the title of the world’s safest sit/stand desk.  Scroll down and check out what happens when a FRISKA Bluetooth standing desk collides with something in the video below.

There’s a reason why FRISKA standing desks have a greater percentage of 5* reviews than any other height adjustable desk. It’s also why we’ve been named the Best Standing Desk Supplier in Europe

Primo desk performance

Load: You get generous load capacity with a Primo designer standing desk. Including desktop, maximum load is 100kg, comfortably enough for most professional users. 

Speed: Dual motors make for speedy yet whisper quiet raising and lowering. In fact, the Primo designer sit-stand desk offers noise and speed levels that are not just among the very best in its class, but in any class.

Height range: The Primo designer height adjustable desk lowers to 615 mm to the top side of the desktop, ideal for many wheelchair users, and raises to 1275 mm, suitable even if you’re over 2 m tall.

Stability: We believe there’s no sturdier standing desk on the market than a FRISKA, because we engineered it that way. Right across its construction, from frame to feet to the bolts that connect it all together, fixings are chunkier and tolerances are tighter.  Find out more about FRISKA’s uncompromising approach to stability.

Control: You get a choice of ways in which to raise and lower your FRISKA Primo designer sit/stand desk. Physical desk controls offer an instant response, or you can operate your Bluetooth-enabled standing desk by app and pre-set your preferred desk heights. The physical switch and the Bluetooth control can be installed separately or both controls can be installed together, giving you unrivalled operational flexibility.

If your desk’s at home, operating your desk solely via the App means a physical switch isn’t necessary, keeping the controls away from little fingers and making the clean lines of your FRISKA even cleaner.

Safety: Every FRISKA Primo designer sit/stand desk has the most advanced intelligent and adjustable anti-collision sensor available, so if the desk encounters an obstruction, it stops.  The sensitivity of the sensor can be selected and controlled via the App, making it the safest standing desk in the world.  Seeing is believing, check out the video below!


Add to your order: For a monitor as sturdy as the rest of your desk (and at the perfect height for you), add a FRISKA monitor arm to your order in the Choose Your Essentials panel above.

Primo frame & desktop

Frame: Every Primo designer desk is manufactured in Sweden using exceptional high grade steel. Each desk frame is engineered to the tightest of tolerances. It’s how we ensure every FRISKA is super-solid, swift and near silent.  The elegant frame is finished in raw metal, highlighting the welds and heat-spots and protected with a matte finish lacquer.

Desktop: Every Primo desktop is manufactured from FSC-certified UK forests. All our desks are finished in the UK. Choose from three standard desktop sizes and 18 glorious finishes in MFC.

Want a FREE sample or two of our desktop finishes? Find them on our desktop finishes page.

Desktops with even more ‘ooooh…’

Our ‘standard’ desktops are beautiful. But what if you want more? Find solid wood, engineered wood, reclaimed wood and the ultra-sleek Fenix among our prestige desktops.

Or create your own bespoke desktop, in your preferred size, in virtually any finish you like. It takes a little longer to create a bespoke desktop from scratch (usually about four weeks) but the result will be unique. To talk it over, email us at or call 020 8064 0600

Please note: All special size desktops are supplied without metal screw inserts


Due to the offset under desk support beam being located at the back of the desk, the front centre of the desktop has a slight flexibility when pressed hard and the wider the desktop, the more flexibility may be noticeable.  This is a natural characteristic of the Primo offset frame as this point is furthest from any support and it does not affect the stability of the desk, it is pure physics of a load on an unsupported desktop.


Want a FREE sample or two of our desktop finishes? Find them on our desktop finishes page.

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A brilliant unsponsored video below from Alex at Gear and Tech ( showing how his old Fully Jarvis desk wobbles badly when in use, compared to his new FRISKA Stockholm desk.
Jordan Platten ( shows us around his office in the video below and shares his views on FRISKA, including our Stockholm height adjustable standing desk.
Below is a testimonial from Jake Pursey of Pursey Productions ( It features his own FRISKA Stockholm work from home desk which has a black frame and Anthracite Sherman Oak desktop with memory switch inlaid into the desktop. He also has a cable tray and cable port.
In the video below Tom Pope ( takes us on a brief tour of his new garden office pod and FRISKA Stockholm standing desk and explains what he loves about his standing desk.
Hear about Jonathan's story ( in the video below, from sofa scruncher to height adjustable hero! Without the right desk set up, Jonathan was suffering from neck, shoulder, hip, and wrist pain along with reduced productivity. The FRISKA electric sit stand desk was a durable, quality, solution to his home office set up and increased productivity and posture related problems.

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Cable Ports, Slots  & Tray Positions

We have two options for cable management through the desktop with the Primo, one using a cable slot, long and narrow placed at the back centre of the desktop and the other using standard round cable ports, which involve placement nearer the front of the desktop because of placement limitations due to the Primo frame design.

FRISKA Sorvik cable slot diagram

IMPORTANT: Standard cable ports can be used with the Primo, however because the desk frame is positioned at the back of the desk, the cable ports have to be positioned 260mm from the back edge of the desktop to the centre of the cable port hole.  This makes them quite invasive of desk space.  Similarly the cable tray has to mounted forward of the cross beam, which means that it sits just off centre.  This does not impede on available leg space.

FRISKA Primo standing desk cable port hole location diagram

FRISKA Primo Hasslo wireless charger positions

The picture below shows how the installed cable tray looks.

With the cable tray installed close up to the under desk support beam the available leg room is approximately 370 mm from the front of the desk to the tray, giving excellent leg room when seated for anyone up to about 6'5".

FRISKA Primo designer standing desk showing the position of the cable tray



Primo Specification table

Made in Sweden

Dual Motors (100% Swedish made) Desktop composition: 25mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)
Speed: 36 mm per second Frame composition: 30% recycled steel
Noise: 42 dBA Compliance:

Dual Bluetooth and manual controller

Fully adjustable Anti-Collision sensor

Overload Protection

Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

EMC Directive 2014/30EU

Low voltage directive 2014/35/EC 

Minimum Height 590 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk underside EN 527-1:2011 Type A, EN 527-2:2016
Minimum Height 615 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk working surface RoHS 3 2015/863
Maximum Height 1275 mm to the desk working surface REACH
Maximum Loading Weight 100 Kg including worktop WEEE
Foot depth 590mm (front to back leg) ISO 21016 
Leg-top under-desk support arms 575mm

FSC Certificated (Tops) 

Frame weight 29Kg

Input voltage 230v (nominal)

Desktop weight 19-23Kg

EU plug added for EU shipments

Cable tray specifications

  • Construction: High grade rolled mild steel
  • Finish (colours): Epoxy powder coated
  • Finish (Rustik): Raw metal finish protected by a multi-layered clear lacquer
  • Section: 150mm wide x 90mm high
  • Maximum Capacity: 150mm x 160mm (including 70mm between the tray and the desktop)
  • Length: 950mm to 1760mm (two piece, telescopic)
  • Access: Hinged one side, clip in/out the other for access
  • Adjustment: +/- 50mm nearer the desktop.
  • Higher setting - minimum distance from desktop to top of tray: 20mm, overall distance from underside of desktop to the underside of the tray is 110 mm
  • Lower setting - Maximum distance from desktop to top of tray: 70mm,  overall distance from underside of desktop to the underside of the tray is 160

Delivery Options

  • Free same day despatch on a 24-hour service to mainland UK (excluding Highlands) for all orders received by 2 pm, subject to stock availability.
  • EU and Eurozone delivery:
    • Next day despatch for all orders received by 1200 hours, subject to stock availability, delivery times vary, please check your destination choice. on our shipping page. 
    • Please note that we have no control or influence over customs delays.
    • All EU orders will have an EU plug added at no extra charge.
    • Please see our shipping Policy for the cost for your region, we ship at subsidised rates via TNT. Shipping policy
    • No duty is payable for all Eurozone countries, however local carriers may add charges for customs clearance, etc., please check with your local TNT prior to ordering.
    • No VAT is charged by us for all exports, this is payable to your local delivery agent at the local rate of VAT either prior or at the time of delivery. 
    • Shipping choices are selectable prior to checkout.
  • Installation:
    • Expert installation service available at extra charge, check drop down menu for cost.
    • This is a weekday service normally carried out within 14 working days of order by our team of fully qualified professional installers. Service times will vary dependant on schedule volume, 14 working days is the norm, not a guarantee.
    • Installation is for the desk and cable management tray only.  Any accessories purchased with your desk may be fitted as a goodwill gesture without charge.
    • Our installers bring your order with them, assemble on-site and remove all packing and rubbish.
    • Please ensure the install area is clear and ready for our team, and if utilising an existing desktop, that it has already been removed from the original desk and is on hand ready for install.
    • We will advise a date and a morning or afternoon time slot within a few days of receiving your order.
    • Please note: Installations are dynamic, dependant on the volume of calls within a given area and can be subject to change at short notice.  We may not be able to meet individual date requests however will always do our best to accommodate.  
    • If our proposed date is declined, a rescheduled date is likely to be 14+ days ahead, when we are next scheduled to be in the area.
    • We cannot take any old existing furniture away for disposal.
    • Installation service is available for mainland UK only.
    • Please note that once an installation date is booked, we require at least 48 hours’ notice for any changes, otherwise you may still be charged for a missed appointment.

  •  Quantity Discount for Installation: Discounts are available for any requirement of 10 or more units please contact us via prior to ordering for an installation price.

Important:  Please be aware that all deliveries are to 'Kerbside Only' which is standard industry practice, the carriers will leave your pallet or parcels at your door, they will not take them inside for you.  This is due to insurance being void if the driver does this. 

Important: Your order may be delivered on a pallet due to weight, size or configuration.  We do this in order to minimise damage with certain products.  A pallet will consist of a number of parcels wrapped in black plastic; tear open the plastic to move your parcels from the pallet into your premises.  The pallet will be your responsibility to dispose of responsibly.

Our expert packers in the warehouse usually place a ‘seconds’ or damaged desktop on the base of the pallet to act as extra protection against knocks, so please be aware there may be an unwrapped desktop with one corner broken off sitting on the base of the pallet, please do not refuse delivery as your desktop will not be exposed but safely wrapped up in cardboard with edge protectors placed inside.

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We’re happy to back-up this extremely high-quality product with a full, no-nonsense 10-year guarantee.

Our guarantee terms are brief and unambiguous and all of our products display a simple guarantee term on the individual product page, ranging from 1 year to 10 years.  This guarantee is against faulty workmanship in the course of the product being used for the normal purpose in which it was intended to be used for.

We will either repair or replace any malfunctioning parts and will ship replacements to you to get you working again as soon as possible.  If we have installed your desk, we will attend site to rectify any issues, unless the faulty item is a simple plug-and-play part such as a switch, in which case we will ship you a replacement item to be swapped over. If you opted for self assembly we will work with you remotely, shipping what parts may be necessary in order to resolve any issues quickly.

We will honour this service for the guarantee period of the product, as displayed on the product page, from date of purchase with no cost to you. 

Proof of purchase will be required, this can simply be your order number and customer details and this guarantee is non-transferable from the original purchaser.

What happens if there’s a problem with my Primo Standing Desk?

We’ll always sort the problem, and we’ll always aim to sort it fast. Here’s how:

  1. Get in touch by phone or live chat, we’ll have you sorted in minutes.
  2. Problem still not solved? We’ll ask you to send us a quick video so we can see what the issue is. Then we’ll send you a replacement part. Don’t worry, switching out parts is really easy. We’ll collect the faulty component when you’re ready.
  3. Our Primo Standing Desks virtually never develop problems. But if yours is the one that does and can’t be fixed easily, we’ll sort it. And we promise we won’t take ages to do it, even if it means sending you a whole new desk.

How quickly will you sort the problem?

We sort most issues over phone or live chat in minutes. For anything else, tell us about it before 2pm and we’ll have a replacement part on its way to you same day. It should be with you tomorrow.

Will you fix my Primo Standing Desk for me?

If we installed your desk, yes. If you assembled it yourself, you’ll already know how easy it is to assemble. We’ll send you the part for a DIY fix, but we’re always here if you need a bit of help.

What happens if my Primo Standing Desk is damaged when it arrives?

  1. Just take a minute to double check the contents of your box. Our packaging can withstand serious damage before the desk is affected, so you may well find your desk is dandy even though the box is bashed.
  2. Something damaged or missing? Give us a call and we’ll send a replacement. All we’ll ask is that you send us a photo of the damage, just so we have the evidence to send the heavies round to our shipping partners.

Get in touch

Give us a call or tap live chat. We’ll be with you asap.

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Instructions & Video

All our stock-size desktops are predrilled to the fixing pattern of the frame and have metal screw inserts fitted to make assembly both easier and quicker.  This does not apply to custom special size desktops which are supplied without inserts.

Please note: Self-assembly requires a reasonable level of DIY ability, please refer to our assembly videos before committing to this.  

We provide Allen keys for all of the frame and desktop bolts and a ratchet spanner for the leg bolts, however you will need also need a hammer and an electric screwdriver with a No.2 Posidrive bit to fit the hand control switch and to clamp the control cables that plug into the control box. An instruction and operating manual is provided with your desk.

Click on the desk image below to download the Primo assembly instructions, the cable tray image to download the heavy duty cable management tray instructions, or the Bluetooth Dongle image to download the Bluetooth and mobile App operating instructions.

FRISKA Primo Desk                  FRISKA Stockholm cable management tray instruction download                 FRISKA standing desk Bluetooth dongle
IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the cable tray has to sit forward of the under desk support beam which runs between the desk legs.  This will give 350 mm of leg clearance when fitted correctly which is plenty of room for anyone up to 6'4" tall.

Assembly Video

Below is a quick assembly guide on how to fit the updated Stockholm cable management tray (2022 onwards), this supersedes the previous cable tray and assembly method which may be shown in the desk assembly videos. 

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What is our guarantee?

Our guarantee is for 10 years, includes the motors and all electrical parts and is backed up by our in-house UK engineer team. Our guarantee is backed up by over 35 years of experience of manufacturing in Sweden.        

Where are FRISKA desks made?

The frames, all electrical controls and motors are manufactured in Sweden, and the desktops are UK sourced and finished in our UK factory.  

If I order today, when will I get my order?

We ship all orders received before 2 pm the same day for delivery the following working day. All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday for delivery Tuesday and orders placed before 2 pm on Friday will be shipped for delivery Monday. This is subject to stock availability which is normally excellent.  A notification will be sent to you when your order has been collected by our carrier partner.

How stable are the desks at height?

The Stockholm is one of the most stable sit-stand desks available in the market today and whilst they can be made to move a fraction when at full height if you push to wobble it, this is not noticeable during normal use.  Please check out our reviews from delighted customers for testimony of this fact - and view this YouTube video which compares our Stockholm to a competitor’s desk.

We recommend the use of a sturdy monitor arm to help eliminate any unnecessary wobble at your monitor.  There is also an independent in-depth review from a customer on Reddit which is very interesting -  

It’s also worth bearing in mind that cheap imported standing desks often have massive stability problems due to poor design and cheap materials.        

What motors do you use?

The motors we use in the desks are 100% made in Sweden for us and covered by our 10-year guarantee.