FRISKA Sit Stand Desks: Now With Bluetooth Controls

FRISKA Sit Stand Desks: Now With Bluetooth Controls


Every FRISKA desk now comes with dual controls – physical and app-controlled from your phone. We’re the first standing desk manufacturer in Europe to offer this as standard – but why?

Why Have You Changed the Controls of Your Standing Desks?

We’re glad you asked. Once upon a time, all our height adjustable desks came with a natty control neatly inlaid into the surface of your desk. Raising or lowering was so simple even a child could do it. As more of you have worked from home over the past couple of years, it seems your children have been proving that point.

"Love my FRISKA", you told us, "but is there a way you can keep the controls away from wandering fingers?"

Well, yes there is.

How Does Bluetooth Control Work on a Sit/Stand Desk?

Like virtually everything else in your life, your FRISKA smart desk is now controllable by app. Raise it in the app. Lower it in the app. Best of all, you can pre-set your preferred sitting and standing heights, so switching between the two is super-quick and simple.

In-app controls also mean there’s no physical control box or panel to interrupt the beauty of your FRISKA. No switch means your FRISKA just became even more dependable, as there are fewer mechanical parts to wear. Most importantly, in-app controls mean the only person who can adjust the height of your sit/stand desk is you.

Can I Have Physical Controls?

Yes! Every desk comes with a physical control switch which you can attach to the underside of the desk if you prefer. It’s just that now you have the choice of physical, in app or both. A manual control switch is included as standard with every desk, and you can add a physical memory switch when you select the customisable essentials for your desk.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?

We imagine they probably will, in time. Worldwide, though, hardly anyone is offering Bluetooth control as standard right now. We’re currently the only European manufacturer to do so.

Where Are Your New Control Units Made?

This one’s important (to us, at least). Our old control unit supplier switched production to the Far East. We could have just gone with them, but we believed that would have meant taking a step down in terms of materials used, tolerances and build quality. It would have meant a big step in the wrong direction in terms of our carbon footprint.

It was important for us to use a reliable control unit, using only the most durable materials and components. We wanted to protect our low carbon footprint. And if you’re going to reengineer your controls, why not take the time to make them better?

That’s what we did. We’re now manufacturing the controls ourselves. So it’s not just our standing desk frames that are manufactured in Sweden.

Your FRISKA. Your Controls. 

Order any FRISKA standing desk and you’ll get dual controls (Bluetooth and physical) as standard. Then you can choose which to install. Don’t worry, setting it all up is easy. The hard part is choosing which will be your perfect FRISKA.

For help in choosing the right FRISKA for you, talk to us

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