Extra-Heavy Duty Standing Desks

Discover the height-adjustable standing desks with the oomph to lift even the heaviest workstation setups.

While all our desks are built to handle substantial loads, the heavy-duty Stockholm series takes it to the next level. With the ability to support up to 160kg of weight, these desks make light work of multiple Macs, monitors, and even the heaviest of book collections. However, it will still raise and lower with the ease of Geoff Capes (ask your dad) bench-pressing a feather - smooth and effortless. 

The best part? You can customise your FRISKA to suit your needs, from frame and top colour, down to the cabling and contouring details. To bring your design ideas to life, email us at sales@friskadesk.com or call 0330 133 1937

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