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Protecting yourself and your people against aches, pains and strains is the whole point of a DSE assessment. But did you know it’s easy to do an assessment yourself, for free, and that a FRISKA standing desk and accessories can help resolve many of the issues an assessment might raise?

What is a DSE assessment?

Once upon a time, computers were things that lived on their own in vast rooms. Ordinary mortals never saw them. The they shrank and multiplied. Suddenly, everyone had one at their desk. And everyone left work at the end of the day with a headache.

DSE (display screen equipment) assessments were introduced in the early 90s to ensure that workers who used display screens were able to do so without storing up eye, muscle, posture and repetitive strain-type injuries for the future.

Now that so much of what we do is screen-based, they’re more important than they’ve ever been.

Why are DSE assessments important?

DSE assessments help identify the often small issues that can over time create big problems for you and your people. Screen glare. Monitors positioned too low, chairs raised too high, mouse mats so far from easy reach that you need a bus journey to get to them. They may sound fairly insignificant, but they can lead to reduced productivity, sick absence and reduced well-being.

DSE assessments are important in the office. But they’re just as – and perhaps even more important – at home because it’s easy to put up with things (such as working at the kitchen table) that can prove detrimental in the long term.

Download the HSE DSE Assessment

Do we need to hire expert DSE assessors?

If you’ve ever worked in a large organisation, you’ll know DSE assessments are A BIG THING. There are online questionnaires. People turn up at your desk with clipboards and tablets. It all seems very complex.

But it doesn’t have to be. If you run a business – even if you run a business of one – you can do a DSE assessment of everyone in your organisation and each one will only take you ten minutes. You can do it for free. And the results can ensure everyone stays happier and healthier at their workstation.

Download the HSE DSE assessment checklist

The Health & Safety Executive is the last word in DSE assessment. It’s the government body that decides what should be assessed. Organisations that sell DSE assessments uses this checklist as their bible, but you can download if for free here:

Download the HSE DSE Assessment

How can FRISKA help address DSE problems?

A DSE assessment helps you spot potential issues. It also suggests ways of addressing them. Here are just some examples of questions from the assessment, and the ways in which FRISKA can help:

Is there enough room to change position and vary movement?

A standing desk is a simple and powerfully effective way of ensuring you change position and vary your movements throughout the working day. And with plenty of size options, it’s easy to find a FRISKA that give you lots of room to move.

Is the work surface large enough for all the necessary equipment, papers etc?

Wave goodbye to crowded and cluttered workstations. With almost any FRISKA, and especially our corner standing desks, you could create acres of space.

Can the user comfortably reach all the equipment and papers they need to use?

It’s not just the ability to tailor the desk size to your needs that helps. It’s the ability to customise your sit/stand desk so that everything from monitor to computer to desk controls are all within easy reach.

Are surfaces free from glare and reflection?

May we introduce the FRISKA Ultimate – Privilege, our smartest standing desk with a self-healing, anti-microbial and anti-glare surface. Add a monitor arm, and you’ll gain complete mastery over monitor reflections too.

Is the screen free from glare and reflections? Is it at the right height? Does it swivel and tilt?

It is and it does when you choose a FRISKA monitor arm.

Is the chair suitable?

It will be when you choose a chair from FRISKA.

Work better

Want a FRISKA standing desk tailored to your DSE assessment? Let's talk.

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