Designer Collection

A GQ award-wining desk for a regular price? But then again, it’s what you’ve come to expect from FRISKA desks.

The Primo and the Aspa. Modern desks. Practical desks. Desks with sophistication to spare and, in the case of the Primo, a desk that makes even the likes of GQ go weak at the knees.

Yet there’s something you should know about our designer desks. Beneath the surface of those ludicrously tempting looks are seriously capable desks that deliver everything you’d expect from a FRISKA.

Discover Primo: Desks don’t come more stylish. Then, you discover the Primo’s stability, its load capacity, its swift, near silent raising and lowering, it’s impressively regular price. Did we mention its Bluetooth control too? That’s when you realise the substance matches the style.

Discover Aspa: In a world of 2-legged height adjustable desks, Aspa likes to walk a different road. If you’ve been searching 4-legged motorised desks, you’ll know that most of them seem to involve compromise: a hand crank. A weird chunkiness in the design. An underwhelming height range. So discover the designer desk where no compromises are required.

In the home office or, you know, actual office, they’re the desks with a whisper quiet mechanism, a height range that competes with the best in class and rock sold stability that redefines best in class. For such exceptional desks, you’ll even find the regular price surprising.

Make your workplace or home office a place where the design matches the productivity and wellbeing. Discover FRISKA designer desks.

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