Stock Availability at FRISKA

We’re serious about same day despatch of your standing desk. It’s why we carry so much stock.

“Subject to availability”?

Ah, those three little words that typically mean, ‘whatever we told you about delivery times, forget it.’ We say our delivery times are subject to stock availability too, but at FRISKA, we carry lots more stock. Since supply chain issues started to bite, we’ve expanded capacity even further.

So when we say your desk will be with you tomorrow, we mean it.

What stock do we carry?

You’ll find every FRISKA desktop and frame on the racks of our warehouse, in all our standard sizes, each in up to 26 different desktop finishes and 6 different frame finishes. Then, multiply those colour options by...

  • 6 different frames
  • 7 different desktop sizes for the Stockholm, Stockholm Signature, Extra Heavy Duty, Malmo and Eskön standing desks
  • 3 different desktop sizes for the Aspa and Primo
  • 2 different desktop sizes for our Stockholm and Stockholm Signature corner desks
  • 1 different desktop size for our Stockholm micro desk

As you can imagine, that works out at a lot of stock. At any one time we also hold about 2,000 frames. If you laid all our desktops end to end from our Hemel Hempstead base and walked east along them... well, let’s just say you’d best brush up on your Dutch.

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World class sustainable product to you next day

  • Stockholm Calling

    Say ‘hej!’ to what we believe is the world’s greatest (and sturdiest) sit/stand desk

  • Sustainable FRISKA

    Sustainability is about more than the environment. It’s a way of being. It’s also the FRISKA way.

  • Free Next Day Delivery

    Order by 2pm and your FRISKA desk will be on its way to you this evening


Do you ever run out of stock?

It’s only ever happened a couple of times following some truly mammoth orders, but it has happened, which is why we use the ‘subject to availability’ line.

For the vast majority of the time though, there’s all the stock we (or you) would ever need.

• Our desktops are replenished every couple of weeks and, because they come to us from the UK, we don’t face the nasty supply chain issues that many of our competitors do.

• Our frames arrive from Sweden every 2-3 weeks. Again, because we keep our suppliers relatively close by, we don’t face the same supply risks as our competitors, 95% of whom source from considerably further afield.

We’ve also upped our stock of accessories, so we never have to tell you we can’t complete your order because your monitor arm is stuck in a truck at Calais.

Take the tour We’d love to show you around. You might even spot your standing desk. So join us for a quick sprint around FRISKA HQ…

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