What’s the difference between FRISKA Stockholm, a Stockholm Signature and an Extra Heavy Duty Stockholm? We’re glad you asked.

Every FRISKA is an exceptional standing desk. But not every FRISKA is the same. Which is right for you? Use the tables below as a quick comparison.

Introducing the FRISKA range

There are six sit/stand desks in the main FRISKA range: (plus the Ultimate and the Economy ranges)

FRISKA standing desk comparison

General Specification

We've compiled the six most popular standing desks in our range for you to compare their technical differences and make informed choices.(excluding the corner desks as these are obviously different from all the straight section desks)

Four of the group are variants on the Stockholm desk which is the backbone of our company, so you will notice that many of the specifications are similar.

We haven't included the Ultimate range as these are all based on the stockholm base with the same attributes, with their defining elements being the special desktops that each is complimented with.

The economy range, likewise has been left out of the chart, as the big 6 make up over 95% of our sales, we thought it was best not to over-complicate things.

Still not clear? Or you have further questions you would like answers to before narrowing down your choice?

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Let’s start with frame and desktop sizes and finishes…
Then, every FRISKA offers the facility to add…

  • Memory switch
  • Cable management tray
  • Lockable drawer *(not Micro)
  • In-desk power socket
  • In-desk power socket w USB
  • Cable spine
  • 6-way surge protected power lead
  • Cable tray end caps
  • Monitor arms
  • Pedestal storage
  • CPU holder
  • Mat or board
  • Acoustic screen
  • Chair or stool

  • *Available as standard. Find out more about other customisation options

    Some FRISKAs also offer the facility to add…

    ** Cable port access slots available to match but desk design limits positioning; See details here


    Every FRISKA includes…

  • FSC certified wood
  • 30% recycled steel
  • 99.9% plastic-free packaging
  • Biodegradable cardboard packaging
  • A tree planted with every purchase
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