• Will it stop my back pain

    We look at just the facts: How good is a standing desk (seriously) for your healthy wellbeing?

  • Do you really make desks in the UK?

    Find out about our precision manufacturing processes in the heart of Wales.

  • When will my desk pay for itself?

    We take the BS out of standing desk payback and give you nothing but independently verified facts.


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1. How long do orders take to be delivered?

All orders received before 2 pm are shipped out the same day for delivery the following day except on weekends and bank holidays. All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday for delivery Tuesday. This is for the UK only and subject to stock availability which is normally excellent.

A notification is emailed to you when your order has been actually shipped.

For all European and worldwide destinations, we ship out the same day for all orders received by 1200 hours, subject to stock availability.

European and international delivery times do vary, so please check your destination choice for confirmation. Please note there can be a delay in customs of a few days which is beyond both our control and the control of our delivery partner.

You can cheeck out our full shipping policy and destination costs here: Shipping Policy and Costs

2. What are your charges for delivery to other countries?

All our shipping charges can be seen at Shipping Rates and will auto-populate when the delivery country / postcode is entered in checkout. These charges are subsidized and normally below our costs.

3. If I pay for installation, how long do I have to wait?

We usually quote up to 10 working days for installation, email any specific requirements through to sales@friskadesk.com and our installs team will do our best to accommodate these. Installations are dynamic, NOT "on demand" and depend on workload, we’re unable to quote dates prior to order.

4. Can I specify a different delivery date?

We can delay delivery of orders by up to two months – enter your preferred delivery date in the ‘special instructions’ box in your shopping cart and our sales team will confirm with you.

5. Can I spread payment over several months?

Yes, we work with Klarna, who offer spreading payments over three months at no extra cost to you, just select the Klarna option at checkout. Their quick credit assessment doesn’t leave a credit footprint on you, it’s a quick and simple, no-interest means of spreading the capital payment.

6. Can I see any of your desks in person?

We don’t have a showroom, however, you can come and see the Stockholm desk in action at our Hemel HQ, strictly by appointment only. If your enquiry is for multiple units, we will be happy to visit your premises with a working sample to demonstrate just how good a FRISKA Desk really is. Free samples of the desktop finishes can be ordered by clicking here: Free samples

7. Where can I find the dimensions of each desk?

The dimensions of each desk can be found to the right of the product picture on the desk product pages, at the top of the box titled ‘Choose your essentials’.

8. What safety features are there?

Our desks comply with CE marking and all European directives for machinery. One of the safety directives we adhere to is that you have to be in physical contact with the control switch in order for the desk to move.

Cheap Chinese imports often have the feature of a 'one touch' switch, enabling you to press the switch once and leave the desk to move to its pre-set position, (whether you are in the room or not) this is specifically not approved by EU/UK law and could potentially result in injury, especially to pets and children.

All Stockholm and Stockholm derivative desks have the most advanced intelligent and adjustable anti-collision sensor available. The sensitivity of the sensor can be selected and controlled via the App, making them the safest standing desks in the world.

A video of this in operation tells the story so much more effectively than a thousand words ever could, click through to check it out here FRISKA App-controlled Anti-Collision Video

9. What are the details of the cable ports – size and location?

We cut the cable ports to your specifications, you can view the all the cable port details by clicking the link: Cable Ports

10. What are the desktops made of?

Our standard desktops are 25 mm thick commercial grade melamine faced chipboard (MFC), manufactured in UK from FSC sustainable sourced wood and have a scratch-resistant anti-microbial melamine covering with various finish options: Free samples.

We manufacture the desktops in the UK using our own CNC machines, so we can pre-drill starter-holes in the fixing pattern of the frame to make assembly easy and give a rock-solid fixing between the frame and desktop, helping to minimize any tendency to wobble.

We also stock Character Oak solid wood desktops, vintage reclaimed scaffold board, engineered wood desktops and state of the art Fenix tops, click the link to view the range: Desktop Range

11. Do you stock real wood desktops?

Yes, we have a both solid wood and engineered wood desktops.

The solid wood desktop options available are; Character Oak and reclaimed Vintage Scaffold Board. Due to the inherent tendency of solid wood desktops to warp, shrink and split, these desktops are not made of one solid piece of wood but are engineered with strips of wood, both glued and manufactured with metal strip battens set underneath, within the desktop to prevent all of the above.

The Character Oak desktop is particularly beautiful to look at all day, is smooth and warm to touch and even smells lovely!

We also have engineered wood desktops, which are a cheaper option but still gives you a real wood finish, made from a MDF (medium density fibreboard) base encased in a real wood veneer, these desktops are warp-resistant without needing additional battens and have a very solid feel to them and being slightly thicker than our standard MFC tops at 27mm.

They are available in three different real wood veneers, showcasing the unique and beautiful properties of each different wood grain and are extremely heavy duty.

All of these beautiful real wood desktops, which are made in the UK are available from stock in our stock sizes for next day delivery.

We can manufacture almost any size desktop in you need in real wood on a 4 week lead time and a frame-only option will need to be selected when using these desktops.

Our stock size engineered wood tops can be pre-drilled with metal screw inserts for easy and secure fixing to the frame, if requested, but all special sizes cannot due to machine set up. Metal screw anchors are not needed with either of the solid wood desktops.

12. How do I care for my real wood desktop?

As both the solid wood and engineered wood desktops are natural products, care must be taken to maintain them to avoid premature deterioration and ensure they always look their best.

Regularly cleaning the top is especially important to ensure that it remains looking its best for years and we recommend that this is done with a warm, mildly soapy cloth and dried immediately afterwards with a dry cloth.

Under no circumstances should anti-bac or household cleaning products be used as this will attack the lacquer and result in a 'sticky' feel to the surface. The use of polish, anti-bac or household cleaning products is easily detectable and will invalidate the warranty.

Unlike our MFC desktops, these natural wood tops cannot withstand ink and pencil marks and the veneer will dent if objects are pushed into it or knock against it. In particular, any spills need to be cleaned immediately, as allowing liquid to remain on the surface will eventually destroy the adhesive holding the veneer, resulting in peeling or bubbling on the engineered tops and will stain and possibly warp the solid wood tops.

13. Can I use my own desktop?

Yes, no problem at all, we have standing desk "Frames Only", which are supplied without desktops allowing your own desktop to be used, these come complete with everything needed for the desk to operate including the up/down switch and all of the fixings, all you need to provide is a desktop.

Click the link to view the range: Frames Only

14. Can you make custom sized desks?

Yes, the huge advantage of manufacturing in the UK means that we have the flexibility to make almost any size desktop to fit our frames, call us on 0330 133 1937 to discuss or ping an email through to us at sales@friskadesk.com with dimensions of what you want and we’ll help to make it happen for you.

15. How stable is the Stockholm desk?

The Stockholm is the most stable sit-stand desk available in the market today and whilst it can be made to move a couple of millimetres at full height if you push to wobble it, this is not noticeable during normal use.
Please check out our reviews from delighted customers, many of whom call our desks ‘rock-solid’ at height: FRISKA reviews. There’s also an independent in-depth review from a customer on Reddit which is well worth worth reading: Reddit Review.

The 7 reasons why FRISKA standing desks are the most stable desks in the world:

- The quality and gauge of the steel we use is world class. We use the best Ukrainian steel from one of two mills in the world that can produce the quality we need.
- The Stockholm and Primo standing desks have a thick steel 'U-Beam' underneath the desktop, securing both legs at the top and providing multiple fixing points to the desktop.
- Our tolerances between moving components is minimal.
- Our leg separators (plastic inserts between the leg sections) are precisely machined for each leg set giving finer tolerances and less movement between components.
- FRISKA frames are not designed to a price point, they are designed to prevent wobble and support weight.
- We use beefier fixings than any other manufacturer to assemble the frame with, giving higher torque tolerances to hold the frame rock-solid and with less chance of working loose.
- We use twice as many frame-to-desktop fixings than all our competitors, ensuring the whole structural integrity of the desk is far superior.

We also thoroughly recommend the use of a sturdy monitor arm to help eliminate any unnecessary wobble at your monitor.

It’s worth bearing in mind that cheap imported standing desks often have massive stability problems, without exception they all have a ladder design running between the desk legs with few fixing points to the desktop and small bolts to tighten the frame. You can watch an unsponsored Stability testimonial video from Alex at Gear and Tech

16. What motors do you use in your standing desks?

We use the very best motors for height adjustable furniture available in the world today. The motors in our desks are precision manufactured in Sweden for us and covered by our 10-year guarantee. We believe from our knowledge and experience of the industry that our motors are the best in the world.

The exception to this is with the Aspa where we use Linak motors, due to constraints in the configuration coupled with a lower production volume of this model, which makes it uneconomic to make our own motor for it.

17. How are corner desks configured?

Our corner desks can be assembled with either left or right-handed returns, they are provided as two sections, a main section, and a return section. The details below all relate to our standard sized desktops which we keep in stock for next day delivery. For custom corner desk configurations, please read the next FAQ.

A left-hand return means that when facing the main part of the desk, you will also have a section of desk to your left and vice-versa for the right return. The main section of the desk is 800mm deep (front to back) and the return (or side) section is 600mm deep.
The main section can either be 1800mm or 1600mm wide and the side return total length is always 1600mm, this is made up of the 800mm depth of the main section plus 800mm for the length of the side return.

The desktop is provided as two separate pieces. We can make custom sized tops with little cost impact with a 4-week lead time, limitations do apply so email your idea through to sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll try and help make your idea come to life.

18. Can you make bespoke corner desks?

For custom corner desks, it’s worth knowing that the return part of the frame has the same extendable adjustment that the main frame has and with our standard off the shelf 1600mm side return, this section of the frame is closed up to its shortest position, and so can be extended another 600mm giving you 2.2m on the return. An overhang of up to 200mm past the return leg is acceptable, providing heavy objects are not stored on this (as it may cause it to weaken over time), which would give a total length available on the returnof 2.4m.

The depth of the return when using our standard tops is 600mm, so that it doesn’t encroach too much on the main working space, but this could also be shallower or deeper if required, although the return foot is shorter than the main two feet (490mm as opposed to 690mm), so care needs to be applied to the aesthetics.

Need to chat over an idea you have? Then give us a call on 0330 133 1937 and we'll do everything we can to help make your dreams come true!

19. Do you discount for quantity?

Yes, if you have an office fit-out project, we’d be happy to help with a very competitive quote.

20. Do you have any special offers/ how can I claim them?

Yes, we have special offers to help tempt you to own a FRISKA desk, details of how to claim these can be found at Special Offers

21. Do you offer a discount to NHS workers?

We’re extremely thankful for our health worker’s amazing dedication and hard work in challenging times and are happy to support with a discount, please email a picture of your ID tag to sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll advise your discount and how to can claim it.

22. Why are some other suppliers so much cheaper?

Height adjustable standing desks can be bought for a widely varying range of prices online, each with differing levels of performance, quality, customer service and guarantees. Anyone looking for a standing desk will agree that it is a bit of a minefield out there!

As our desks are wholly manufactured in Europe, we don’t aim to compete against low-cost Chinese imports on price alone, and any desk significantly lower priced will be a cheap Chinese import. It is a fact that almost all cheap imports do not comply with EU/UK regulations, they lack stability at height and the guarantees for the electrical parts of the desk are predominantly only for 2 years.

Because all FRISKA desk frames and motors are precision made to extremely high-quality standards in Sweden with the desktops being made in here in Britain, they are made to last you a lifetime and we cover them with a market-leading 10-year no-nonsense guarantee.

The Stockholm standing desk has the widest height variation, is the quickest and quietest standing desk available and is also the most stable height adjustable desk at height currently available in Europe.

On top of that we have 6 frame finishes and 26 different desktop finishes to choose from.

23. What tools do I need to build my desk?

We provide Allen keys for all of the frame and desktop bolts, however you will need an electric screwdriver with a No.2 Posidrive bit to fit the hand control switch and to clamp the control cables that plug into the control box.

For the Aspa, all special sized desktops and all solid wood topped desks you will need an electric screwdriver with a No.2 Posidrive bit to fit the desktop to the frame as these do not come predrilled.

24. Help – my desk will not raise up, what do I do?

It means the desk safety cut-out has operated for some reason and just needs a reset.

For all non-Bluetooth desks, first ensure nothing is under the desk that would prevent the desk reaching the lowest possible point and press the “down” button until this is reached. Then press the down button again for at least 10 seconds, until you hear an audible “click”. The reset is now complete, and the desk will function normally.

For all Bluetooth enabled desks the following applies:

The columns operate in synchronization. On occasion the desk may require a reset (re-synchronization) for a variety of reasons. This is normal.
a. Ensure there are not obstructions for the desk to move vertically.
b. Press and hold the “UP and DOWN” arrow buttons at the same time.
c. Continue to hold the “UP and DOWN” arrow buttons, the desk will lower until it reaches the bottom (lowest point).
d. Release the buttons once the system beeps.
e. If it does not beep, continue to hold the buttons for three seconds after the desk reaches the lowest point. Additionally, if the desk top is not level, repeat reset operation.
f. This operation may be required a few times until the desk is at the lowest level position. The system has now been reset (synchronized).

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