Cable ports – do I have to cut them myself?

The cable ports are precisely cut out by CNC machine in our factory and they come with neat plastic circular covers in three different colours. We provide a choice of five different positions for the cable ports on the desktop as standard and you can also specify a custom position if these are not where you want (lead time of 2-3 days applies to this). If you choose the custom option, be sure to email sales@friskadesk.com explaining exactly where you want the holes and include your order number for identification. Click this link to go straight to the page: https://friskadesk.com/collections/desk-cable-management/products/kloven-cable-ports-1        


What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is for 10 years which is double most of our competitors and includes the motors and all electrical parts and is backed up by our in-house UK engineer team. The frames and motors are manufactured in Sweden, all our electrical controls are made by LogicData (Austria) and the desktops made in our factory in Wales. While manufacturing in Sweden and Britain does mean a higher cost compared to cheap imports, our desks are built for the commercial environment and are extremely sturdy and our guarantee is backed up by over 34 years of experience of manufacturing in Sweden.          


What is the lowest and highest height any of your desks can achieve?

For the Stockholm the minimum height that the desks will go to is 59.5cm to the underside of the desk, which is 62cm to the top of it. This is one of the lowest positions that any desk on the market can go to right now. The maximum desktop height that the Stockholm extends to is 130cm, which is high enough for anyone up to around 6'10" in height.    


Can I use my own desktop?

We have standing desk frames only, without tops, which allow you to use your own desktop, these come complete with all the electrics needed for the desk to operate including the up/down switch and all the fixings, all you need to provide is a desktop. Click the link to view the range: https://friskadesk.com/collections/height-adjustable-desks-frames-only


How stable are the desks at height?

Both the Stockholm and the Malmo are the most stable sit-stand desks available and whilst there is a small amount of movement at full height if you push to wobble it, this is not noticeable during normal use, please check out our reviews from delighted customers for testimony of this fact. We recommend the use of a sturdy monitor arm to help eliminate any unnecessary wobble at your monitor. Watch the product review video for peace of mind. https://friskadesk.com/pages/testimonials 

There’s also an independent in-depth review from a customer on Reddit worth reading - https://www.reddit.com/r/StandingDesk/comments/htjbo9/uk_friska_stockholm_standing_desk_review/  

Cheap standing desks often have massive stability problems.        


Do you give discounts?

For commercial orders we can discount for quantity, generally on orders of 10 units or more, please contact us with your requirement on sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll do our best to meet your budget.


Do you have a discount code for NHS and emergency workers?

We are happy to support our incredible front line workers in the NHS and emergency services with a discount, please email a picture of your ID tag to sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll advise what your discount is and how you can claim it.


Do you have a discount code for non-NHS / emergency workers?

The short answer is: No... but nobody really likes being told that, so the long answer is: While we would love to be able to offer a discount to everyone, we are priced very competitively for the quality of product that we supply and bearing in mind the 10-year guarantee which is unique to us, the cost per week over the 10 year period for an average desk is just over £1 a week and that is the only amount you will ever pay for that period... with a cheaper product it will be less to start with but it could well end up being a lot more expensive in the long run… plus a lot of headaches!


Your desks are too high for my budget, can you help?

We’re very sympathetic with anyone on a limited budget we may be able to help you on that as we offer the option of paying with Klarna (operated by Klarna Bank AB, Stockholm, click the Klarna name for more info), which you may well have heard of, or even used but if you haven’t come across this amazing facility before, it gives you the ability to spread your purchase over 3 months at no extra cost to yourself, enabling you to get the product and specification you really want.   


Can you make any size desktop?

We are able to make many different sizes of desktop, email sales@friskadesk.com with the size you require and we will do our best to help you achieve your ideal.  All custom desktops are on a 4-5 week lead time and there may be a small price premium.


What is the length of the legs from front to back?

The legs on the standard Stockholm are 69cm, front to back, which means a top as narrow as 70cm can be used.  On the Micro they are 59cm, as this has a 60cm top.  We also carry 49cm legs in stock, so if you have a custom idea for a desktop, we should be able to produce something to suit!


Why is the Micro more expensive than the standard Stockholm?

The Stockholm-Micro has evolved to help meet the current working from home surge and is an adaption of our Stockholm desk. The factory in Sweden are producing smaller volume batches of the Micro as demand is substantially lower than for the standard frames and this, coupled with small run components within the Micro frame, means that it actually costs us more to produce.


How are corner desks configured?

Our corner desks can be assembled with either left or right-handed returns, they essentially come as two sections, a main section and a return section. The main section of the desk is 80cm deep (front to back) and the return (or side) section is 60cm deep. The main section can either be 180cm or 160cm wide and the return / side total length is always 160cm, this is made up of the 80cm depth of the main section plus 80cm for the length of the return / side section. The desktop is provided as two separate pieces. We are able to make custom sized tops with little cost impact on a 4-5 week lead time, limitations do apply so email your idea through to sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll try and help make your idea come to life.  


Do you have desks specifically for home office use?

We have a special range for home office use: https://friskadesk.com/collections/slim-top-height-adjustable-desks-for-home-office-use We know that dimensions can be difficult and this range has sizes suited for smaller rooms.       


What switching options do you offer?

The standard desk comes with an up/down switch but we also have the option of a 4-way programmable memory controller which gives 4 memory heights that can be programmed in, brilliant if more than one person is using the desk! You can find it here - https://friskadesk.com/collections/standing-desk-electrical-accessories/products/programmable-switch-with-lcd


Can I set minimum and maximum heights?

With both the standard up/down and memory switches a minimum and maximum height can be set that is completely independent of any memory settings. Simply lower the desk to the desired position, press and hold both the “up” and “down” buttons together for about 10 seconds, until an audible click is heard. The lowest position possible has now been set. This feature is included to protect any fixtures or furniture beneath the desk against accidental damage. Having set a minimum height, a maximum height position can also be set if required by using the same method, this is useful for obstacles like bookshelves or windowsills etc. To reset the desk from these minimum and maximum limits, lower (or higher) the desk until the limit has been reached, press and hold both the “up” and “down” buttons together for at least 10 seconds, until an audible click is heard. The limit has now been removed and the desk can be operated normally.


What safety features do your controls have?

Our desks comply with the CE marking and European directives for machinery and one of the safety directives we adhere to is that you have to be in physical contact with the operational switch in order for the desk to move.  Cheap Chinese imports often have the feature of a 'one touch' switch, enabling you to press the switch once and leave the desk to move to your pre-set position, this is specifically not approved by the EU/UK law and could potentially result in injury, especially to children.

The anti-collision sensor operates in both the up and down direction and is actually an overload sensor, so when the desktop hits something solid, the sensor in the control box heats up and trips the current immediately. It doesn’t really work when hitting something soft like a chair, only when the desk comes to a dead stop. This is the standard 'anti-collision' device found on the vast majority of electric height adjustable desks and is really a safety cut-out on collision, rather than collision avoidance.


What other safety features are present to protect the desk controls?

The main control box has a number of clever protection devices within it, mainly to protect the electronics from 'dirty' electricity, voltage spikes, surges and harmonic distortion. Although the safety cut out rarely triggers, when it does, it will partially shut the desk down for safety. A symptom of this is that you will hear a click from the control box when switching the power to the desk on and be able to move the desk down but get no response when the up button is pressed.

To reset the desk when it is in safety shut down state, ensure the space under the desk is totally clear, press the down button until the lowest point is reached, release your finger from the button and then press the down button again for at least 10 seconds, until you hear a click and see the whole desk jig down and up a small amount. This has now reset and you're good to go.  You can see a reset video here - https://friskadesk.com/pages/how-to-1


What are the desktops made of?

The desktops are 25mm thick, manufactured from sustainable source wood and have a scratch-resistant anti-microbial melamine covering with various finish options: https://friskadesk.com/collections/desk-and-tabletop-finishes

We manufacture the desktops in Wales using our own CNC machines, so we are able to deliver next day from within UK.          


Can I have the power lead to the desk either left or right?

The electrical control box can be fixed towards either side of the desk and comes with a 2m lead and plug. Consider where the nearest electrical socket is before assembly and mount to suit.             


Do you have any support for self-assembly?

We send PDF instructions when your order is shipped and have some great assembly videos on the website that you will find extremely helpful to watch prior to starting your install - https://friskadesk.com/pages/how-to-1 - we also offer expert phone support from our technical department if required.        


If I order today, when will I get my order?

We ship all orders received before 12 noon the same day for delivery the following day, except on weekends. All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday for delivery Tuesday. This is subject to stock availability which is normally excellent. 


Do you have a PDF brochure you can send me?

If you would like a link to our PDF brochure which has more technical information in and may help clear up any questions you have. Please email sales@friskadesk.com with your request and we'll ping it straight through.


What tools do I need to build my desk?

The tools that you need to build any of our desks are: a No.2 Pozidrive screwdriver, a 4mm and 5mm hex head Allen key and a mallet (with non-metallic head).

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