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 For what we do and how we do it, FRISKA is gathering an impressive collection of awards, so we’ve gathered them together in one place.

We won: Best Designer Standing Desk
GQ brought together an impressive field of height adjustable desks and decided the FRISKA Primo was the best designer desk of the lot. It’s GQ. You have to admire their taste.

“It's … the most stylish by quite some margin, thanks to its striking angled legs and eye-catching colour options. If you want something that stands out from the crowd, this is the one.”

View the article here: (scroll down, it’s the third desk down)

BUILD 2022 Home and Garden Awards
We won: Best Standing Desk Supplier – Europe
BUILD Magazine’s Home and Garden Awards recognise the people and companies who help make a house a home. In awarding FRISKA, BUILD said:

FRISKA has established itself to be the best quality standing desk on the UK market through obsessive attention to the quality of its products, services, and the personalized experience its customers thoroughly enjoy and appreciate as consumers.”

View the award here:

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SME News UK Enterprise Awards
We won:
Standing Desk eTailer of the Year 2022
SME Best Standing Desk Online Retail Business 2021
eCommerce Customer Excellence Award 2021

Three awards in two years: it’s possible we’re getting greedy, but we’re also extremely grateful. The UK Enterprise Awards are judged purely on merit, with judges scouring a wide range of information to make their final decision. All of which makes these wins sweeter still.

View the award here:

Corporate LiveWire 2021-22
We won: Standing Desk Retailer of the Year United Kingdom

We believe a FRISKA standing desk is as good as a standing desk gets. It’s great to see so many awards bodies agree. But your experience with us is about more than the desk itself. It’s also about what happens before, during and after you buy. That’s what makes this award so gratifying because it recognises the whole FRISKA package.

Hats off to the sales team at FRISKA HQ, as their love of what they do is why this award came our way.

View the award here:

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