The World’s Most Ecologically-Friendly Ergonomic Chair

The World’s Most Ecologically-Friendly Ergonomic Chair


The Creation is based on Viasits' award-winning Drumback ergonomic chair with one major difference, it is truly a 100% climate-neutral workplace chair.

You like the idea of the cooling comfort of a mesh-back office chair. But you also want the stability and support of a solid back chair. Drumback is how you get both in one clever, stylish package.  And you can enjoy all of this with a clear conscience, knowing that your choice of ergonomic chair hasn't adversely impacted the planet.

Creation's carbon footprint has been optimally reduced by selecting the most ecologically favourable component parts and materials in line with current technology. Viasit have offset the remaining greenhouse gas emissions by supporting certified climate protection projects and for example, planting trees. You can discover more about this project on the website.

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As with all the office chairs we supply, we selected Drumback to be the perfect accompaniment to your FRISKA sit/stand desk, so when you’re not standing, you enjoy an exceptional sitting experience.

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