Data Privacy

Data Privacy at FRISKA

We’d like to tell you a little about what data we collect, why we do it, and what we’ll never do.

If you’re anything like us, whenever a data permissions pop-up appears on our screen, we just accept it. We realise we shouldn’t do that. For all we know we could be signing up to sell a kidney. But life is short and there are more important things to do than wade through interminable data policies.

For that reason, we won’t bore you with ours (although if you really want to you can see our data permissions here). But despite the fact we don’t walk the walk when we visit anyone else’s site, we did want to tell you a little about the way FRISKA manages data.

Why are we droning on about data?

Because, despite the fact that we’re as generally (un)excited about data as you are, we want to be upfront about how we use it, so you can be confident about buying from us.

What cookies did I just accept?

When you visited us for the first time, you’ll have seen a pop up that says, ‘We use cookies to provide the best experience’. If you don’t remember seeing that it’s probably because you just clicked ‘accept’ and started browsing our standing desks.

What are cookies?

They’re small pockets of data that we use to help tailor your FRISKA experience. For example, suppose you’ve been browsing our standing desks. Later in the day, you’re checking your social media and you notice an ad for a FRISKA desk appears in your feed. That only happens because you accepted our cookie. This sort of third-party cookie (there are several types) ensures that the ad you see on your Facebook or Instagram feed are things you’ve shown an interest in. If you never accepted any cookies you’d still get ads, but they would be entirely random.

Other cookies enable the site to perform properly on your device or manage interactions with our e-commerce and payment provider (we partner with Shopify). These cookies will ensure that, for example, when you need to enter billing information, your name and address will appear automatically.

Finally, a further type of cookie helps us understand how customers use our site, tells us the products you’re looking at, and tells us the point at which you leave the site. If you leave the site after reading this page, for example, we’ll know that it probably needs a rewrite.

What other data do you collect?

Aside from the automated data gathered in cookie form, we also collect any data you share with us. Send us a message via our contact form or add a product to your wishlist, and we’ll store that information so we can act on it, for example, by replying to you.

When you place an order with us we keep your personal information in case you need anything from us in the future. If you’d rather we erased the personal information we hold about you, you can ask us to do that via the Privacy Policy.

Who do we share data with?

Only with the organisations you’d probably expect us to share it with in order to give you a smooth, simple buying experience. These include Google, Shopify (the people who manage our shopping cart system) and social media companies (for personalised ad purposes).

If you’d rather opt out of targeted advertising you can. You can find out more about doing that in our Privacy Policy.

What don’t we do with your data?

We don’t sell your data. We won’t use it in ways you wouldn’t expect. And, because we keep your data secure, we promise not to leave it on the bus or tube for anyone to find.

If you have any questions about the way we collect, store or manage your data, please just get in touch


For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e-mail at or by mail using the details provided below:

Esto Global Limited trading as FRISKA Desk
Innovation House, 39 Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7DN. United Kingdom

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