Service, the FRISKA Way

It’s about doing the simple things that make life simple.

Let’s not over-analyse it: at FRISKA, we believe customer service is simply about doing the right things at the right time to make researching, buying and living with your FRISKA standing desk simple. It’s not rocket science, but to our customers it makes a big difference.

Help that’s genuinely helpful

FRISKA has two things no other standing desk manufacturer can match: Merle and Mike. They’re the lovely, knowledgeable people you’ll speak to when you ask us a question or phone us with your order.

We are overwhelmed by our customer reviews. What’s even more rewarding is that the service Mike and Merle offer is mentioned as enthusiastically (and almost as frequently) as our desks.

Responsive responses

Here’s a rarity. Our live chat is operated by real people. When you call us in regular office hours we’ll usually pick up the phone. If we’re speaking to someone else, or if you email us for a callback, we’ll almost always get back to you within the hour.

And when you do ask us a question, we’ll know the answers, because there is literally nothing Mike and Merle don’t know about our standing desks.

We’ve really piled the pressure on them there, haven’t we? Give them a call now.

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Next day delivery that, err, delivers

Specialist products aside, order by 2pm and your FRISKA desk will be on its way to you this evening. Across almost the entire UK mainland, it should be with you next day. Yes, that promise is ‘subject to availability’ but we carry huge stocks so availability is almost never an issue.

Find out more about stock availability

Installation that makes you happy

Ever had something installed and, as you’re left to clear the packaging, finish the job and tidy up, wondered what you’ve just paid for? FRISKA installers aren’t like that. First, they’re standing desk engineers, so they’ll get you up and running brilliantly. Secondly, when you need a couple of extra accessories installing, they’re easy to bribe with tea.

Bespoke made easy

There are sooo many ways to customise your FRISKA, and usually the best way to arrive at the perfect desk is to have a chat about it with experts. So take a look at our customisation options, then let’s have a chat about how we could make your FRISKA, your FRISKA.

Issues that get sorted

Problems with FRISKA desks are rare. How rare? Well put it this way: if it were a steak it would still be mooing. Yet we know quality of service isn’t just measured by what goes right; it’s also about what happens when things go wrong.

At FRISKA, we fix things. We won’t leave you hanging. We won’t leave you frustrated.

To find out more, check the Guarantees tab of any of our products.

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