Micro Standing Desks - 1m wide - From £649 (exc. VAT)

Stockholm Micro – Small Desk; Big Impact

“A smaller desk with plenty of pint-sized power.” TechRadar

With more time spent working from home than ever before, the need for a dedicated workspace has never been greater. Gone are the days of makeshift setups in the spare room, dining room, at the kitchen table or perched on the corner of the bed. What you need is the sort of workspace that helps you work as productively as you can at a "proper" office desk. There’s just one problem: you don’t have room for a table the same size as the one in your office.

The Stockholm Micro is the solution - a range of height adjustable desks designed for people who need to get lots done but have less space to than they’d need for one of our standard sized or corner desks. At just 100cm x 60cm, the Micro is easy to squeeze into tight spots, yet once sat or stood at it, you’ll find there’s still enough room to keep your workspace clutter free.

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Why choose FRISKA Stockholm Micro?

Stockholm Micro is a range of height adjustable tables designed for people who need to get lots done but have less space to play with than they’d need for one of our standard sized or corner desks.

At just 100cm x 60cm, the Micro is easy to squeeze into tight spots, but with enough room to keep your workspace clutter free (our accessories can help with that – see below).

For home: Micro ensures that working from home doesn’t have to mean compromising on the sort of health, posture and productivity benefits you enjoy when your work surface is optimised to your needs.

For office: With cost-control more important than ever right now, an office of Stockholm Micros will save you plenty of space compared to larger workstations. That could be the difference between fitting an extra member of the team into the existing office and having to rent somewhere bigger.

For growing children: Although it wasn’t designed with students in mind, our customers are telling us that a Micro creates the prefect space for school and college work, and (literally) grows with the user.

Explore the FRISKA Stockholm Micro range

What’s the difference between one FRISKA Stockholm Micro and another? Here’s our quick guide:

  • Stockholm Micro: We’ve taken the most popular of our sit stand tables and zapped it with a shrink ray so that all its style, quality and capability fits into a small space. Despite the bijou proportions, the Micro is no lightweight. A 120kg load capacity means you’ll need to add a lot of monitors, pot plants, picture frames and the world’s heaviest laptop before it starts to feel the strain.
  • Stockholm Micro – frame only: The ‘standard’ Micro (inverted commas very much intended) has a choice of 18 desktop finishes. That’s more than enough for most people, but what if you want something more? What if you want real wood? Vintage wood? A custom design or a bespoke colour?

We can add all of that to your Micro, which is why we offer a stand-only version, so you can design virtually any desktop to complement it. Just ask.

  • Stockholm Micro bundle: There are lots of ways to customise your FRISKA. Some of them are niche options sought by just the occasional customer. Some are preferred by many. That’s why we introduced a Stockholm Micro bundle which includes our most requested essentials and accessories. It helps make buying not only cheaper but simpler too.

Each bundle includes a cable management tray, cable ports, a Kubbe memory control switch (a physical switch—you get a Bluetooth one as standard—see below) and anti-surge power lead.

Bluetooth control as standard

A FRISKA is always a versatile piece, but we figure there’s always room for more. That’s why we give you a choice of controls.

You could opt for the under-desk control panel, which lets you raise and lower the worksurface quickly and simply. You could choose Bluetooth-enabled control from your phone. That not only keeps your worktop clutter-free; it also keeps the controls away from inquisitive fingers (and paws)—especially handy with the Micro which is most often used at home.

As both are supplied with your FRISKA, you don’t have to decide now – you can install one or both once the Micro is in situ.

FRISKA Stockholm Micro, reviewed

“The FRISKA Stockholm Micro is incredibly functional and easy to build, a great standing desk solution for smaller spaces or growing children,” said TechRadar in a 4.5* review. They said lots of other rather wonderful things about the desk, including:

“Despite its smaller-than-average workspace, there's plenty of room available for a full desktop setup and multiple monitors, and its high build quality makes it a robust option for busy households or offices.” 

They finished by saying:

“There are a few bad words to say about the FRISKA Stockholm Micro… If you're looking for a standing desk but don't have ample space, then you should consider the FRISKA Stockholm Micro.” 

It’s not just the respected trade press who love what we do. Our customers do too. Diego A bought a Stockholm Micro bundle and said:

“Unbeatable quality, these desks are the real deal. Rock solid construction, the lifting mechanism is easy and reliable so switching between sitting and standing is a breeze. The built-in sockets are very handy too and the cable management tray is the best way to have a really neat and tidy setup. Can’t recommend them enough!”

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You deserve a FRISKA

You may not have lots of room for your new FRISKA, but when your FRISKA is a Micro, having lots of room doesn’t matter. Discover its compact brilliance for yourself.

To find your perfect FRISKA Micro, and to check our latest desk offers, please get in touch.