Rapid Relief Team

For every desk we sell we donate £10 to RRT

Who feeds the firemen that spend all night at a blaze?

Who provides top quality hot food and drink for the heroes that make up our emergency forces?

This is what RRT - Rapid Relief Team excel at.

RRT UK are a great charity that works behind the scenes helping a wide range of people, from feeding emergency workers, to disaster relief, humanitarian aid, crowd and participant wellbeing at events, drought relief to farmers, food boxes for the poor and elderly… the list is almost endless!

RRT UK are currently engaged in providing hundreds of tons of desperately needed food to innocent Ukrainian citizens suffering in the vicious war in their own country, they deserve every bit of support they can get.

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So who are RRT?

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) UK delivers hope and relief to people across the globe. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the crisis at hand.

Established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) in 2013, RRT offers quality catering assistance and tangible support to charities, government and emergency services confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges.

Led by the Christian principles of care and compassion, RRT’s army of volunteers operate from the heart across the globe, and lend a helping hand to people in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, North and South America, the Caribbean, Canada and across Europe.