Height Adjustable Corner Standing Desks

Ever faced the dilemma of needing a height-adjustable desk that fits perfectly into a corner? You're not alone. Our height-adjustable corner standing desks are the solution. With their unique L-shaped design, these desks seamlessly integrate into corner spaces, maximizing both workspace and ergonomic comfort. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and customisable extras to make your corner desk uniquely yours.

Not sure what you need, or want something totally unique? Email us at sales@friskadesk.com or call 0330 133 1937.

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The Adjustable Desk That Goes Round Corners

“An ideal premium solution for sizable office spaces, while its corner-hugging shape is an unusual feature not often found in motorized standing desks.” TechRadar

“Ah, you see the problem is that I’ve got quite a large office space and my existing desktop is the perfect size and shape for it. I would upgrade, but you can’t get height adjustable corner desks can you?”

We’ve had several conversations like that. Then we proudly reveal our motorized l-shaped desks, wait for the surprised reaction, and then explore the numerous ways they could upgrade their existing desk to something with rather more prestige.

Why choose a height adjustable corner computer desk?

Corner computer desks are all about extra space. Traditional desks may give you a generous work surface, but when the space allows, that ‘l shape’ gives you so much extra room to play with, while also enabling you to take advantage of the height adjustment capability.

That ability to switch from sitting to standing is important. It’s not just that prolonged sitting is bad for you. Doing anything for prolonged periods isn’t likely to do you any favours. So the ability to move and change positions periodically can help combat poor posture, give your core muscles a workout (because standing forces your muscles to work harder than they do when sitting), boost productivity and even supports better mental health. Find out more about the benefits of movement

Explore the FRISKA Stockholm Corner range

What’s the difference between one FRISKA Stockholm Corner and another? Here’s our quick guide:

  • Stockholm Corner: Our most popular corner workstation, for a whole range of reasons. Three motors give it a heavyweight lifting capacity of 16Okg (that’s roughly the weight of a small car engine), yet for all its power it still rises and lowers swiftly and near silently. Like every FRISKA, best-in-class, rock solid stability is a given. And its generous height range makes it suitable for shorter and taller users, rather than just people of ‘average’ height (whatever that is).
  • Stockholm Corner Signature: Everything you love about the Stockholm, with a frankly even more eye-catching frame that makes the world’s best electric corner desk even more desirable.
  • Stockholm Corner Signature – frame only: You love the Signature frame, but the ‘standard’ choice of 18 desktop finishes just doesn’t go far enough because you want something utterly unique.
    • Perhaps you want to reuse your existing and much-loved desktop. Perhaps you want the freedom to customise your work surface—and from adding waves, curves, scallops and more, there’s virtually no end to your customisation options. Perhaps you want an entirely bespoke desktop size or colour. It’s all doable, and it’ll look incredible on this frame. Just ask.
  • Stockholm Platinum Corner – frame only: As above, a stunning height adjustable desk frame that gives you complete freedom over the desktop.

Stockholm bundles

Our corner standing desks, packaged with our most requested essentials and accessories to make buying not only cheaper but simpler too.

Each bundle includes a cable management tray, cable ports, a Kubbe memory control switch (a physical switch—you get a Bluetooth one as standard—see below) and anti-surge power lead. Self assembly—of the desk and the accessories, is easy too.

Choose your bundle here:

Bluetooth control as standard

Most electric sit stand desks are raised and lowered via a control panel that sits under the edge of your desktop. You can control FRISKA desks that way too (we supply a physical control unit as standard), but there’s another option.

FRISKA is the only European height adjustable standing desks manufacturer to offer Bluetooth controls as standard.

To raise or lower the desk, and to pre-set your preferred sitting and standing height, just open the app and adjust with one tap. Not only does it protect the clean lines of your workspace, it also ensures that no one else can accidentally adjust your desk while you’re not sat/stood at it.

Choose Bluetooth. Choose manual control. Or if you want the ‘belts and braces’ approach, install both. Easy assembly means you’ll be up and running in minutes.

FRISKA Stockholm Corner, reviewed

“This impressive desk is no baby to place in the corner,” said TechRadar in a 4.5* review. They said lots of other rather wonderful things about the desk, including:

“The assembled desk is robust and solidly built, capable of supporting up to 352lb / 160kg in weight (including the worktop) which is plenty enough for even the heaviest setups. There’s no detectable wobble or otherwise dubious motion when in use, even when fully erected.”

They finished by saying:

“If you’re in the market for a sit/stand desk and have a corner that can accommodate its length, we can heartily recommend the FRISKA Stockholm Corner desk.” 

If you’ll permit us a moment to be picky, though, TechRadar’s assertion there’s “no option for natural wood” is, erm, wrong. There is. There are lots of wood options but they’re not supplied as standard so if you’d prefer a wood desktop (or any other customisations) just ask.

It’s not just the respected trade press who love what we do. Our customers do too. Daniel B bought a Stockholm Corner frame and said:

“I couldn't be more pleased with the product or the after sales service. Would highly recommend the desk looks great and conforms exactly to the website description.”

Joseph A bought a Stockholm Signature Corner and said:

“Everything is great – super service, arrived early, easy to setup, looks great, very robust and transformed my wfh setup - I look forward to getting into my garden office now I have the desk! Thank you.”

Find hundreds more Google reviews here

You deserve a FRISKA

You deserve a better workstation. Your office workers deserve that too. A place where they’ll get more done. A place that helps alleviate the musculoskeletal niggles that can get in the way of a good day and, at worst, can increase sick absence rates.

At a FRISKA Stockholm Corner, you’ll enjoy total control over the largest possible workspace.

To find your your perfect FRISKA Corner, and to check our latest desk offers, please get in touch.