How We Make Your FRISKA Desk

What does it take to make the world’s best standing desk?

Yes, we actually manufacture standing desks.

One of the things that convinces our customers to become our customers is that they know we’re not just suppliers and resellers of sit/stand desks. We make them. Here’s how...

Wood from Wales

Your desktop begins its journey in FSC accredited, carefully managed forests in Wales.

Samtidigt i Sverige...

(Meanwhile, in Sweden...)

The frame for your desk is crafted from steel forged in Ukraine, which is turned into the ultra-sturdy FRISKA frame in Sweden. That’s also where the motors are added.

Finishing your FRISKA

The UK FRISKA factory is where desktop and frame are
brought together. Each desktop arrives as a ‘blank’ in our standard
stock sizes (from 600 x 800mm to 1800 by 800mm). We drill the screw
inserts and customise as you specify (for example, by drilling cable
ports where you want them). Find more about our customisation options here.

Then we give everything a thorough check and vigorous clean before packaging it ready for its journey to you.

You might be surprised to know that we do all of that on the day of
your order. Order before 2pm and it will be on its way to you the same

Meet Claude ‘n’ Claudia

Claude and Claudia are our CNC machines (see what we did there?). Why are we showing them to you? Because CNC machines are the clever pieces of kit that ensure we customise your desk exactly as you wish.

As we have two of them, you know your order will never be delayed because one machine has developed a wobble or is processing a mammoth order.

Meet Dale, James, Oro & Ross

Machines do the repetitive, precision stuff, but only people can really care about getting it right. Our people do, which is just as well, as they’ll be the ones cutting, finishing, polishing and packaging your height adjustable desk.

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