Loyalty Rewards Programme

As part of the FRISKA family, if you’re happy with your desk and recommend us to others, you can earn extra rewards for yourself!

At FRISKA, we love to reward customer loyalty, and for every person you recommend to us that spends over £700 (including VAT) we’ll send you a £25 Amazon voucher! Anyone you recommend will also receive a personalised special offer.

Your friends or colleagues that you recommend will need to spend over £700 including VAT, this can actually be on anything, it doesn't have to be standing desks, it could be accessories to enhance their existing desking, chairs, or Gymba boards.

There is no limit to the number of friend or colleagues that you can earn rewards from, the more the merrier for us both, the sky literally is the limit!

Please be assured that we’ll only ever contact people once, so anyone you recommend doesn’t have to worry about receiving endless phone calls and emails from us, that’s not the FRISKA way… we hope our amazing products and offers will sell themselves, we’d just like to bring them to the attention of more people!

We will only ever contact your recommendations more than once if we have their express permission to do so, in other words, if they're keen on joining the family and a dialogue is set up around the products they're interested in. If they're not looking to join, already have a solution or the time just isn't right for them right now, we'll let sleeping dogs lie and leave well alone!

This loyalty offer is only open to FRISKA family customers that have already purchased from us, even if you only spent a few pounds, your claim is valid, but you need to have spent something with us.

The only way we can administer this accurately is for you to provide us with yours and your recommendations details before they make a purchase, any claims after purchase are invalid.

The information that we need in order to log, contact and process your claims is:

  1. Your details
  2. Your friend's name
  3. Your friend's phone number

Without all of the above we will be unable to verify your claim and it will be void. This constitutes an ongoing offer and may be subject to change without prior notice. The above constitutes the terms and conditions of our loyalty programme.

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