Ultimate Privilege Collection

Smart materials. Clever desk.

Discover the self-healing standing desk where scratches disappear, where fingerprints never linger and where every touch feels like velvet. In every sense of the word, it’s a Privilege.

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Discover Privilege

You could call this ‘a laminate desktop’. But that’s a little like saying Usain Bolt was ‘a bit nippy’. Created from the highest of high-tech smart materials, Privilege combines the engineering might of the Stockholm frame with the mesmerising Fenix desktop.

It’s a desktop that’s healthier because its antibacterial surface inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. It’s brilliantly durable thanks to a self-healing capability that means tiny scratches disappear and bigger scratches disappear with the help of a little heat. And it feels… like no other desk you’ve ever stood or sat at.

Try it for yourself.

The Privilege range

Three desks. Three ways to bring the oh-so-clever FRISKA Privilege to your workspace:

FRISKA Ultimate Privilege

We like to think every FRISKA is part work tool, part life enhancer and part talking point. The Privilege is the only one so smart it could probably talk back.

FRISKA Ultimate Privilege Corner

All that luxurious feel on an even grander scale, backed by peerless load capacity and swift, near-silent sturdiness.

FRISKA Ultimate Privilege Micro

The standing desk that’s smarter than a three-piece suit, neatly packed into a bijou footprint that makes it ideal for homeworking when space is at a premium.

Fast delivery

Order your FRISKA Privilege sit/stand desk today and it will be on its way to you in just 2-3 days, wherever you are in the UK or Europe.


They may be bewilderingly clever, but we haven’t yet developed the Privilege height adjustable desk that can assemble itself. So ask us and we’ll do it for you*. Install ten desks or more and you’ll unlock some rather exciting discounts.

*UK mainland only


Every FRISKA Privilege has a full, no-quibble 10-year guarantee. So if you ever encounter a problem with your standing desk, we’ll do what it takes to get it sorted, simply.