Ultimate Luxury Hard Wood Primo Privilege (with Bluetooth control)

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hard wood standing desk
Regular price £1,799.00 £1,499.17 (ex. VAT)
Regular price £0.00 Sale price £1,799.00 £1,499.17 (ex. VAT)

Peerlessly sleek. Almost mythically durable. We matched a Fenix® desktop with our ultra-stylish Primo frame, then tried to capture in a single word how it feels to stand at it. Meet the FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege.

A desktop like no other

You could call this ‘a laminate desktop’. But that’s a little like calling The Beatles ‘a music group’. It’s technically correct, but it kind of misses the point.

Created from the highest of high-tech smart materials, the Ultimate Luxury Sleek Hard Wood Primo Privilege has a Fenix desktop that looks and feels like velvet. Glare and reflection are vastly reduced. Fingerprints never linger and the antibacterial surface inhibits the growth of micro-organisms. Micro-scratches disappear. And should you ever put a rather larger scratch into its surface, apply a little heat and you’ll discover it’s a desk that almost magically heals itself.

The result is a desk that makes work feel less like work. It’s a standing desk that calms, that protects, that enhances well-being. It may be classily unobtrusive, yet it’s also a desktop worth shouting about.

Underneath, it’s a Primo

The Ultimate desk deserves the Ultimate frame. Pair your luxurious Privilege desktop with the uber-stylish Primo frame and, frankly, admirers won’t know where to look. That’s because the only thing that looks quite as fine as this desktop are the tapered outrigger legs that match peerless stability with bold design flair. Just don’t hide it in a corner. 

Load: Including desktop, the maximum load is 100kg for the Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege. That should be comfortably enough for most users (even the biggest, bulkiest monitor is rarely more than 10kg).

Speed: Dual motors in the Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege mean swift and whisper-quiet operation. Even when lifting heavy loads, it’s among the smoothest raising and lowering you’ll find in any height adjustable desk.

Height range: Seated, the FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit stand desk lowers to 615mm (measured to working surface) which makes it suitable for wheelchair users. Standing, it raises to a mighty 1275mm.

Stability: No standing desk feels as solid as a FRISKA. And no FRISKA standing desk feels quite as solid as the Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege. Find out more about FRISKA’s uncompromising approach to stability.

Add to your order: You don’t want the sturdiest of desks to be let down by a feeble monitor arm. Add a FRISKA monitor arm to your order in the Choose Your Essentials panel above.

Control: Dual Bluetooth and physical controls, choose the physical desktop front edge controls to raise or lower your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit-stand desk or switch to the app and do it all via Bluetooth which not only keeps the lines of your desk looking clean and sleek; it keeps the controls away from little inquisitive fingers – handy if you work from home.  Both Bluetooth and physical controls can be used together too which gives you ultimate control of your ultimate desk.

Safety: Every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit stand desk has the most advanced intelligent and adjustable anti-collision sensor available, so if the desk encounters any obstruction, it stops and rebounds a little.  The sensitivity of the sensor can be selected and controlled via the App, making it the safest standing desk in the world.  Seeing is believing, check out the video below!

Sustainable: The wood in every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desktop is sourced from FSC-certified UK forests. Every Primo frame incorporates 30% recycled steel. 

The Ultimate Experience: Treating yourself to a FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desk goes beyond just the actual product itself, it also comes with a 5 star service.  Same day shipping can be selected from the 'Essentials' selection box above (this includes free shipping to Europe), so you can enjoy your Ultimate desk tomorrow, or you can allow yourself to be completely pampered and let us do everything for you at no extra cost.

Check the 'Install' option above and we'll schedule your desk to be installed within 14 days (UK mainland only), we'll bring your desk and any accessories to you, assemble them all professionally, show you how to operate and reset it, and take all the rubbish away with us.  This is the ultimate standing desk experience.


FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege standing desks are pre-drilled with metal screw inserts in the fixing pattern of the frame for easier and quicker assembly, and to ensure the tightest, sturdiest of joins between frame and desktop.

This does NOT apply to special sized desktops due to the disproportionate time taken to programme each desktop into our CNC machine.


Want a sample or two of our desktop finishes? Find them on our desktop finishes page.

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A brilliant unsponsored video below from Alex at Gear and Tech showing how his old Fully Jarvis desk wobbles badly when in use, compared to his new FRISKA Stockholm desk.
Jordan Platten shows us around his office in the video below and shares his views on FRISKA, including our Stockholm height adjustable standing desk.
Below is a testimonial from Jake Pursey of Pursey Productions (https://www.instagram.com/purseyproductions/). It features his own FRISKA Stockholm work from home desk which has a black frame and Anthracite Sherman Oak desktop with memory switch inlaid into the desktop. He also has a cable tray and cable port.
In the video below Tom Pope (https://www.instagram.com/mrtompope/) takes us on a brief tour of his new garden office pod and FRISKA Stockholm standing desk and explains what he loves about his standing desk.
Hear about Jonathan's story (https://mentorive.com/) in the video below, from sofa scruncher to height adjustable hero! Without the right desk set up, Jonathan was suffering from neck, shoulder, hip, and wrist pain along with reduced productivity. The FRISKA electric sit stand desk was a durable, quality, solution to his home office set up and increased productivity and posture related problems.

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Cable Ports

Cable Port & Slot Positions

We have two options for cable management through the desktop with the Primo, one using a cable slot, long and narrow placed at the back centre of the desktop and the other using standard round cable ports, which involve placement nearer the front of the desktop because of placement limitations due to the Primo frame design.

FRISKA Sorvik cable slot diagram

IMPORTANT: Standard cable ports can be used with the Primo, however because the desk frame is positioned at the back of the desk, the cable ports have to be positioned 260mm from the back edge of the desktop to the centre of the cable port hole.  This makes them quite invasive of desk space.  Similarly the cable tray has to mounted forward of the cross beam, which means that it sits just off centre.   This does not impede on available leg space unless you are over 6'3" or have very long legs.  Please note that drilling cable ports or slots can add 2-3 days delivery due to production requirements.

FRISKA Primo standing desk cable port hole location diagram

FRISKA Primo Hasslo wireless charger positions

The picture below shows how the installed cable tray looks.

With the cable tray installed close up to the under desk support beam the available leg room is approximately 370 mm from the front of the desk to the tray, giving excellent leg room when seated for anyone up to about 6'3".

FRISKA Primo designer standing desk showing the position of the cable tray

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Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege Specification table

Made in Sweden

Dual Motors (100% Swedish made)
Desktop composition: 25mm MDF (medium density fibreboard), edged with ABS for a precision finish and coated with Fenix® NTM laminate
Speed: 36 mm per second Antibacterial surface tested in accordance with ISO 22196.
Noise: 42 dBA Frame composition: 30% recycled steel
Collision and Overload Protection Compliance:
Minimum Height 590 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk underside Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
Minimum Height 615 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk working surface EMC Directive 2014/30EU
Maximum Height 1275 mm to the desk working surface Low voltage directive 2014/35/EC
Maximum Loading Weight 100 Kg including worktop REACH & WEEE
Foot depth 590mm (front to back leg) RoHS 3 2015/863
Leg-top under-desk support arms 575mm EN 527-1:2011 Type A, EN 527-2:2016
Frame weight 29Kg ISO 21016

Desktop weight 19-23Kg

Input voltage 230v (nominal)

FSC Certificated (Tops)

EU plug added for EU shipments

Cable tray specifications

  • Construction: High grade rolled mild steel
  • Finish (colours): Epoxy powder coated
  • Finish (Rustik): Raw metal finish protected by a multi-layered clear lacquer
  • Section: 150mm wide x 90mm high
  • Maximum Capacity: 150mm x 160mm (including 70mm between the tray and the desktop)
  • Length: 950mm to 1760mm (two piece, telescopic)
  • Access: Hinged one side, clip in/out the other for access
  • Adjustment: +/- 50mm nearer the desktop.
  • Higher setting - minimum distance from desktop to top of tray: 20mm, overall distance from underside of desktop to the underside of the tray is 110 mm
  • Lower setting - Maximum distance from desktop to top of tray: 70mm,  overall distance from underside of desktop to the underside of the tray is 160

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Desktop Care

It is brilliantly robust, but you can give your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege a helping hand by following these simple care tips:

Please don’t use household cleaners or anti-bac wipes—they’re too harsh and can leave sticky residues. Instead, clean the desktop regularly using a cloth dampened in mildly soapy, warm water. Dry immediately afterwards with a separate dry cloth.

If the desk surface gets scratched, unless it is scratched deeply, this can be mended by applying heat to the scratched area, micro scratches can be healed simply by applying a hot iron to the surface. 

Watch a video on how to repair a Fenix top here.

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    Delivery Options

    UK Delivery 

    We ship every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit stand desk within the UK for free. We’ll despatch your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege standing desk the same day if you place your order before 2 pm.  The exception to this is if you have ordered any cable port or slot cut-outs, which can add 2-3 days for production.

    Once despatched, delivery to most of the mainland UK takes 24 hours. NI, Highlands and islands will take a little longer.

    Find full delivery times for Highlands and UK islands here

    EU and Eurozone delivery 

    We despatch every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit stand desk within 2-3 days of receipt of order, subject to stock availability.

    Find full details of delivery times to your country here.

    When your delivery arrives

    We deliver to your door. For insurance reasons, unless your desk is being installed, we can't bring it inside. You might want to make sure you have someone to help you take delivery of your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege standing desk.


    Your order may be delivered on a pallet. We do this to minimise the risk of damage. Your pallet will include several boxes wrapped in plastic. Tear open the plastic to remove your parcels, then recycle the pallet. You may find an unwrapped desktop used as the base of your pallet. This will be a second (usually with a damaged corner or similar). Please don’t refuse delivery at first glance! Your desktop is safely wrapped up inside. 


    Ask for installation by FRISKA and the people arriving at your door will be far more than delivery drivers with screwdrivers. FRISKA engineers are standing desk specialists, this is what they do, all day and every working day. In addition to delivering, unboxing and putting your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege sit stand desk together, they’ll also ensure every detail of your desk and cable tray is in perfect working order before they leave. They’ll remove all packaging too.

    • Installation is only available on the UK mainland and is free for all Ultimate desks.
    • We’ll give you a date and approximate time for installation (am or pm) a few days after we receive your order. Have a specific date in mind? There’s no harm in asking, although we can’t promise anything.
    • Installation includes desk and cable tray (but if you ask nicely and the engineers have time, they’ll do their best to sort any other accessories too)
    • Our engineers will bring your desk with them, but they’ll need a clear area in which to work and assemble it.
    • We can’t guarantee to remove old equipment, but if there’s room on the van and you bribe us with tea and biscuits we’ll do our best.
    • Once booked, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice of any change, otherwise you may still be charged for a missed appointment.

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    How long is my FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desk guaranteed for?

    Every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege has a full, no-quibble 10-year guarantee on the desktop and an amazing 15 year guarantee on the frame.

    What does the guarantee cover?

    Manufacturer faults in any part of the desk and frame, as long as the desk has been used normally and for its intended purposes (i.e. as a sit to stand desk).

    FRISKA guarantees stay with the original purchaser and aren’t transferable.

    What happens if I have a problem with my Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege standing desk?

    We’ll get it sorted, simply. Here’s how:

    1. Get in touch. You’d be amazed how often we can resolve issues over the phone. Often all it takes is a reboot of the control panel or (and we really aren’t making this up) switching your desk on at the wall.
    2. Problem still not solved? We might ask you to send us a quick video so we can see what the issue is (that’s always a big help). Then we’ll send you a replacement part which will usually be with you in a day or two. Our standing desks are designed to be really easy to fix, so switching parts should be simple. We’ll collect the faulty component when you’re ready.
    3. If we installed your desk and the issue is more than a simple switch-out of a part, we’ll come and fix it for you.

    The really important bit: we’ll never leave you hanging. If a fix doesn’t work, we’ll find a way to sort it. If, ultimately, that means sending you a whole new desk, we’ll do that too. 

    What do I need to get my desk fixed?

    Just proof of purchase – order number or your details will be fine. 

    Ready to complete your order? Do it at the top of this page or call us on 020 8064 0600

    Assembly Instructions 

    What tools will I need to assemble my FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desk?

    We provide you with the necessary Allen keys for tightening the frame fixings, you can also use these for the frame-to-desktop fixings, however an electric screwdriver with a H4 bit will make this chore about 10X quicker, plus you may possibly need a softheaded mallet as the desktop support arm mountings have extremely close tolerances.

    Are FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desks easy to assemble?

    Yes, providing you have a good knowledge of DIY know-how you won't have any issues and you’ll find the instructions and operating manual genuinely helpful too.

    If you have any concerns about building your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege desk, please select the installation option in the option box above and we'll do it all for you for free.

    The downloadable instructions below apply to the FRISKA Primo desk. As Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege standing desks use a Primo frame, you’ll find most of what follows still relevant, especially as our Fenix desktops still have metal screw inserts as depicted in the instructions and videos.  Please note that custom sized desktops will not be supplied with metal screw inserts.

    Click on the desk images below to download the Primo assembly instructions, the cable tray instructions and the Bluetooth and mobile App operating instructions.

    FRISKA Ultimate Endurance Primo desk with Ash desktop                 FRISKA_Bluetooth_Dongle_and_App_Instructions.

    Assembly Video

    Watch how to assemble a FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege 

    In the video below you'll find a quick guide to assembling a FRISKA Primo desk. Please note, it’s only a guide—installation details may differ depending on the products you choose and as we make updates and improvements. This video features the older non-Bluetooth control box, please check out the video below this one which details fitting the Bluetooth control box.

    Always refer to your instruction booklet when assembling as that will contain up to date details which may not be in these videos.


    Below is a detailed guide on assembling the Bluetooth control box showing the care needed to ensure the cables around the control box are properly clamped down to avoid any nuisance tripping of the anti-collision sensor.



    Below is a quick assembly guide on how to fit the heavy-duty cable management tray, this supersedes the previous cable tray and assembly method which may be shown in the desk assembly videos. 

    Ready to complete your order? Do it at the top of this page or call us on 020 8064 0600


    What is our guarantee?

    Our guarantee for the Ultimate Luxury Primo Privilege frame is 15 years and includes the motors and all electrical parts and is backed up by our in-house UK engineer team. Our guarantee is backed up by over 35 years of experience of manufacturing in Sweden. The desktop is guaranteed for 10 years.       

    Where are FRISKA desks made?

    The frames, all electrical controls and motors are manufactured in Sweden, and the desktops are UK sourced and finished in our UK factory.  

    If I order today, when will I get my order?

    We ship all orders received before 2 pm the same day for delivery the following working day. All orders placed over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday for delivery Tuesday and orders placed before 2 pm on Friday will be shipped for delivery Monday. This is subject to stock availability which is normally excellent.  A notification will be sent to you when your order has been collected by our carrier partner.

    How stable are the desks at height?

    The Primo is a very stable sit-stand desk and whilst they can be made to move a fraction when at full height if you push to wobble it, this is not noticeable during normal use. Please check out our reviews from delighted customers for testimony of this fact - https://friskadesk.com/pages/reviews and view this YouTube video which compares our Stockholm to a competitor’s desk.

    We recommend the use of a sturdy monitor arm to help eliminate any unnecessary wobble at your monitor.  There is also an independent in-depth review from a customer on Reddit which is very interesting - https://www.reddit.com/r/StandingDesk/comments/htjbo9/uk_friska_stockholm_standing_desk_review/  

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that cheap imported standing desks often have massive stability problems due to poor design and cheap materials.        

    What motors do you use?

    The motors we use in the desks are 100% made in Sweden for us and covered by our 10-year guarantee.  

    What electrical controls do you use?

    All of the electrical controls are made in Sweden, this includes everything from the switches to the control boxes.  These are the best quality electrical controls for furniture available today and we have no hesitation in including all the electrics in our comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

    Can you make any size desktop?

    With the Primo desk, desktop sizes are limited due to ensuring the correct balance is maintained, please email sales@friskadesk.com with the size you require, and we will do our best to help you achieve your ideal.  All custom desktops are on a 3-4-week lead time and there may be a small price premium.

    Do I have to cut the cable ports or slots myself?

    No, the cable ports or slots are precisely cut out by CNC machine in our factory, and they come with either neat plastic circular covers in a choice of three different colours or aluminium covers. We provide a choice of five different positions for the cable ports on the desktop as standard and you can also specify a custom position if these are not where you want (lead time of 2-3 days applies to this). If you choose the custom option, be sure to email sales@friskadesk.com explaining exactly where you want the holes and include your order number for identification. Click this link to go straight to the page: https://friskadesk.com/products/kloven-cable-ports-1           

    What is the lowest and highest height the desks can achieve?

    The Primo has a minimum height of 590 mm to the underside of the desktop, (615 mm to the top side). This is one of the lowest positions that any desk on the market can go to right now. The maximum height that the Primo extends to is 1275 mm, which is high enough for anyone up to around 2 m (6'8") in height.    

    Can I use my own desktop?

    We supply standing desk frames only, without tops, which allow you to use your own desktop, these come complete with all the electrics needed for the desk to operate including the up/down switch and all the fixings, all you need to provide is a desktop. Click the link to view the range: https://friskadesk.com/collections/height-adjustable-desks-frames-only

    Do you give discounts?

    For commercial orders we can discount for quantity, generally on orders of 10 units or more, please contact us with your requirement on sales@friskadesk.com and we’ll do our best to meet your budget.

    Your desks are too high for my budget, can you help?

    We’re very sympathetic with anyone on a limited budget we may be able to help you on that as we offer the option of paying with Klarna (operated by Klarna Bank AB, Stockholm, click the Klarna name for more info), which you may well have heard of, or even used but if you haven’t come across this amazing facility before, it gives you the ability to spread your purchase over 3 months at no extra cost to yourself, enabling you to get the product and specification you really want.   

    Other suppliers have desks much cheaper than FRISKA desk, why is this?

    As our desks are wholly manufactured in Europe, we don’t aim to compete against low-cost Chinese imports on price alone, and any desk significantly lower priced will be a cheap Chinese import.  Please do consider that cheap imports do not comply with EU/UK regulations, lack stability at height and the guarantees for the electrical parts of the desk are often only for 2 years.

    As all FRISKA desk frames and motors are made to precision high-quality standards in Sweden with the desktops being made in the UK, we are able to cover them with a market-leading 10-year no-nonsense guarantee.  This is backed up with our in-house engineer service help.  

    Can I set minimum and maximum heights?

    With both the standard up/down and memory switches a minimum and maximum height can be set that is completely independent of any memory settings. Simply lower the desk to the desired position, press and hold both the “up” and “down” buttons together for about 10 seconds, until an audible click is heard. The lowest position possible has now been set. This feature is included to protect any fixtures or furniture beneath the desk against accidental damage. Having set a minimum height, a maximum height position can also be set if required by using the same method, this is useful for obstacles like bookshelves or windowsills etc. To reset the desk from these minimum and maximum limits, lower (or higher) the desk until the limit has been reached, press and hold both the “up” and “down” buttons together for at least 10 seconds, until an audible click is heard. The limit has now been removed and the desk can be operated normally.

    What safety features do your controls have?

    Our desks comply with CE marking and all European directives for machinery, one of these safety directives we adhere to is that you have to be in physical contact with the operational switch in order for the desk to move.  Cheap Chinese imports often have the feature of a 'one touch' switch, enabling you to press the switch once and leave the desk to move to your pre-set position, this is specifically not approved by EU/UK law and could potentially result in injury, especially to pets and children.

    All Ultimate Primo desks have the most advanced intelligent and adjustable anti-collision sensor available.  The sensitivity of the sensor can be selected and controlled via the App, making them the safest standing desks in the world.

    A video of this in operation tells the story so much more effectively than a thousand words ever could, click through to check it out here: https://youtu.be/tQOUICoSyJc

    What other safety features are present to protect the desk controls?

    The main control box has a number of clever protection devices within it, mainly to protect the electronics from 'dirty' electricity, voltage spikes, surges and harmonic distortion. Although the safety cut out rarely triggers, when it does, it will partially shut the desk down for safety. A symptom of this is that you will hear a click from the control box when switching the power to the desk on and be able to move the desk down but get no response when the up button is pressed.

    To reset the desk when it is in safety shut down state, ensure the space under the desk is totally clear, press the down button until the lowest point is reached, release your finger from the button and then press the down button again for at least 10 seconds, until you hear a click and see the whole desk jig down and up a small amount. This has now reset and you're good to go.  You can see a reset video here - https://friskadesk.com/pages/how-to-1

    What are the desktops made of?

    The standard desktops are 25 mm thick melamine faced chipboard (MFC), manufactured in UK from sustainable source wood and have a scratch-resistant anti-microbial melamine covering with various finish options: https://friskadesk.com/collections/desk-and-tabletop-finishes  We manufacture the desktops using our own CNC machines, so we can ship the same day from within the UK. 

    We pre-drill holes in the fixing pattern of the frame and insert metal screw anchors to make for a rock-solid fixing between the frame and desktop, helping to minimise any tendency to wobble.  We can also drill cable port holes precisely in the position you choose from the product page - https://friskadesk.com/products/kloven-cable-ports-1        

    Do you have any support for self-assembly?

    We send a link to PDF instructions when your order is shipped and have some great assembly videos on the website that you will find extremely helpful to watch prior to starting your install - https://friskadesk.com/pages/how-to-1 - we also offer expert phone support from our technical department if required.        

    What tools do I need to build my desk?

    We provide Allen keys and a ratchet spanner for all of the frame and desktop bolts, however you will need also need a hammer and an electric screwdriver with a No.2 Posidrive bit to fit the hand control switch and to clamp the control cables that plug into the control box.

    Ready to complete your order? Do it at the top of this page or call us on 020 8064 0600