Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance 100 x 60 cm (with Bluetooth control)

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Regular price £1,199.00 £999.17 (ex. VAT)
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All the real wood feel; none of the compromises

Wood is good. It smells good, it feels good, it looks good. It’s just that sometimes, from a practical perspective, wood can be, well, a bit of a faff. In a desk that lives in hot, dry or humid conditions (i.e. pretty much any home or office), even the best real wood desk will warp and split and distort just a touch. We should know, we make the best real wood desk.

So we engineered a compact wooden desk that wouldn’t do any of those things. A wooden desk built to last. We built Endurance.

Crafting Endurance

At its heart, the FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance desktop is MDF (medium density fibreboard). That’s what enables it to expand and contract without any lasting ill effects. There’s no warping. No splitting. No distorting.

Then, we cover the MDF core with a thick, real wood laminate in ash, oak or walnut. At 26mm in depth, slightly more than our other Ultimate desks, this is our chunkiest desktop, matching real beauty with heavy-duty heft. And because it’s a Micro, it can squeeze its 1m x 0.6m dimensions into the tightest homeworking space.

Underneath, it’s a Stockholm

Like every FRISKA Ultimate desk, the Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance desktop sits on the peerless Stockholm Micro frame. Manufactured in Sweden using exceptional high-grade steel, each frame is engineered to the tightest of tolerances. It’s how we ensure every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance delivers a peerlessly robust, swift and near silent experience.

Choose from four beautiful frame finishes.

Load: Including desktop, maximum load for the Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance is 120kg, comfortably enough to carry all your office equipment or an average sized panda (but never both).

Speed: Dual motors in the Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance mean swift and whisper-quiet operation. Even when lifting heavy loads, it’s among the smoothest raising and lowering you’ll find in any height adjustable desk.

Height range: A range of 595mm to 1.3 metres makes the Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance suitable for wheelchair users, people who stand 2.1 metres tall, and everyone in between.

Stability: No standing desk feels as solid as a FRISKA. And no FRISKA standing desk feels quite as solid as an Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance . Here’s why.  Find out more about FRISKA’s uncompromising approach to stability.

Add to your order: You don’t want the sturdiest of desks to be let down by a feeble monitor arm. Add a FRISKA monitor arm to your order in the Choose Your Essentials panel above.

Control: Dual Bluetooth and physical controls, choose the physical desktop front edge controls to raise or lower your Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance sit-stand desk or switch to the app and do it all via Bluetooth which not only keeps the lines of your desk looking clean and sleek; it keeps the controls away from little inquisitive fingers – handy if you work from home.  Both Bluetooth and physical controls can be used together too which gives you ultimate control of your unique desk.

Safety: Every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance sit stand desk has the most advanced intelligent and adjustable anti-collision sensor available, so if the desk encounters an obstruction, it stops.  The sensitivity of the sensor can be selected and controlled via the App, making it the safest standing desk in the world.  Seeing is believing, check out the video below!

Sustainable: The wood in every Ultimate Endurance Micro desktop is sourced from FSC-certified UK forests. Every Stockholm frame incorporates 30% recycled steel.

The Ultimate Experience: Treating yourself to a FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance desk goes beyond just the actual product itself, it also comes with a 5 star service.  Same day shipping can be selected from the 'Essentials' selection box above (this includes free shipping to Europe), so you can enjoy your Ultimate desk tomorrow, or you can allow yourself to be completely pampered and let us do everything for you at no extra cost.

Check the 'Install' option above and we'll schedule your desk to be installed within 14 days (UK mainland only), we'll bring your desk and any accessories to you, assemble them all professionally, show you how to operate and reset it, and take all the rubbish away with us.  This is the ultimate standing desk experience.


FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance desks are pre-drilled with metal screw inserts in the fixing pattern of the frame for easier and quicker assembly, and to ensure the tightest, sturdiest of joins between frame and desktop.

This does NOT apply to special sized desktops due to the disproportionate time taken to programme each desktop into our CNC machine.


Want a sample or two of our desktop finishes? Find them on our desktop finishes page.

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A brilliant unsponsored video below from Alex at Gear and Tech (https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexGearTech) showing how his old Fully Jarvis desk wobbles badly when in use, compared to his new FRISKA Stockholm desk.
Jordan Platten (https://www.youtube.com/c/JordanPlatten) shows us around his office in the video below and shares his views on FRISKA, including our Stockholm height adjustable standing desk.
Below is a testimonial from Jake Pursey of Pursey Productions (https://www.instagram.com/purseyproductions/). It features his own FRISKA Stockholm work from home desk which has a black frame and Anthracite Sherman Oak desktop with memory switch inlaid into the desktop. He also has a cable tray and cable port.
In the video below Tom Pope (https://www.instagram.com/mrtompope/) takes us on a brief tour of his new garden office pod and FRISKA Stockholm standing desk and explains what he loves about his standing desk.
Hear about Jonathan's story (https://mentorive.com/) in the video below, from sofa scruncher to height adjustable hero! Without the right desk set up, Jonathan was suffering from neck, shoulder, hip, and wrist pain along with reduced productivity. The FRISKA electric sit stand desk was a durable, quality, solution to his home office set up and increased productivity and posture related problems.

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Cable Port Positions

FRISKA standard cable port hole position diagram
  • Back Left & Back Right is 110 mm in from the back and 140 mm in from the side to the centre of the cable port.
  • Back Centre is placed centrally, 110 mm in from the back edge of the desk to the centre of the cable port.
  • Back off-centre Left is 110 mm in from the back and 180 mm to the left of the desk centre to the centre of the cable port.
  • Back off-centre Right is 110 mm in from the back and 180 mm to the right of the desk centre to the centre of the cable port.
  • Custom - Please advise us if you would like one or more customer positions on your desk by typing your precise dimensional requirements into the ‘Special instructions’ box below the products selected in your shopping cart.  If you need any clarification or would like to chat it through with us first, please call on 020 8064 0600, alternatively you can email a sketch through to us at sales@friskadesk.com
  • There may be a lead time on custom cable ports of 2-3 days.

FRISKA Sorvik cable slot diagram

Any questions? Please reach out to us on our UK Hotline 020 8064 0600 or sales@friskadesk.com

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Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance Specification table

Made in Sweden

Dual Motors (100% Swedish made) Desktop composition: MDF core encased in real wood laminate
Speed: 42 mm per second Frame composition: 30% recycled steel
Noise: 38 dBA Compliance:
Collision and Overload Protection Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
Minimum Height 595 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk underside EMC Directive 2014/30EU
Minimum Height 620 mm ( +/- 5 mm) to the desk working surface Low voltage directive 2014/35/EC
Maximum Height 1300 mm to the desk working surface REACH
Maximum Loading Weight 120 Kg including worktop WEEE
Foot depth 590mm RoHS 3 2015/863
Leg-top under-desk support arms 540mm EN 527-1:2011 Type A, EN 527-2:2016
Frame weight 26Kg ISO 21016

Desktop weight 15Kg

Input voltage 230v (nominal)

FSC Certificated (Tops)

EU plug added for EU shipments

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Desktop Care

This is a natural product and it will stay looking its best and last longer when you give it just a little TLC. Please don’t use household cleaners or anti-bac wipes—they’re too harsh. Instead, clean the desktop regularly using a cloth dampened in mildly soapy, warm water. Dry immediately afterwards with a separate dry cloth.

Clean spills immediately to avoid them discolouring the desk or causing it to warp.

A natural wood desktop will dent if you knock it. Spills such as ink may stain. If you’d prefer a desktop that won’t dent, scratch, stain or warp no matter how much you (literally) throw at it, please choose either a FRISKA Ultimate – Privilege, or any of our standard FRISKA standing desks (not that there’s anything ‘standard’ about them).

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    Delivery Options

    UK Delivery 

    We ship every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance sit stand desk within the UK for free. We’ll despatch your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance standing desk the same day if you place your order before 2 pm.  The exception to this is if you have ordered any cable port or slot cut-outs, which can add 2-3 days for production.

    Once despatched, delivery to most of the mainland UK takes 24 hours. NI, Highlands and islands will take a little longer.

    Find full delivery times for Highlands and UK islands here

    EU and Eurozone delivery 

    We despatch every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance sit stand desk within 2-3 days of receipt of order, subject to stock availability.

    Find full details of delivery times to your country here.

    When your delivery arrives

    We deliver to your door. For insurance reasons, unless your desk is being installed, we can't bring it inside. You might want to make sure you have someone to help you take delivery of your FRISKA Ultimate Endurance Micro standing desk.


    Your order may be delivered on a pallet. We do this to minimise the risk of damage. Your pallet will include several boxes wrapped in plastic. Tear open the plastic to remove your parcels, then recycle the pallet. You may find an unwrapped desktop used as the base of your pallet. This will be a second (usually with a damaged corner or similar). Please don’t refuse delivery at first glance! Your desktop is safely wrapped up inside. 


    Ask for installation by FRISKA and the people arriving at your door will be far more than delivery drivers with screwdrivers. FRISKA engineers are standing desk specialists, this is what they do, all day and every working day. In addition to delivering, unboxing and putting your FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance sit stand desk together, they’ll also ensure every detail of your desk and cable tray is in perfect working order before they leave. They’ll remove all packaging too.

    • Installation is only available on the UK mainland and is free for all Ultimate desks.
    • We’ll give you a date and approximate time for installation (am or pm) a few days after we receive your order. Have a specific date in mind? There’s no harm in asking, although we can’t promise anything.
    • Installation includes desk and cable tray (but if you ask nicely and the engineers have time, they’ll do their best to sort any other accessories too)
    • Our engineers will bring your desk with them, but they’ll need a clear area in which to work and assemble it.
    • We can’t guarantee to remove old equipment, but if there’s room on the van and you bribe us with tea and biscuits we’ll do our best.
    • Once booked, please give us at least 48 hours’ notice of any change, otherwise you may still be charged for a missed appointment.

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      How long is my FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance height adjustable Micro desk guaranteed for?

      Every FRISKA Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance has a full, no-quibble 5-year guarantee on the desktop. The frame is guaranteed for an amazing 15 years.

      What does the guarantee cover?

      Manufacturer faults in any part of the desk and frame, as long as the desk has been used normally and for its intended purposes (i.e. as a sit/stand desk).

      FRISKA guarantees stay with the original purchaser and aren’t transferable.

      What happens if I have a problem with my Ultimate Luxury Micro Endurance standing desk?

      We’ll get it sorted, simply. Here’s how:

      1. Get in touch. You’d be amazed how often we can resolve issues over the phone. Often all it takes is a reboot of the control panel or (and we really aren’t making this up) switching your desk on at the wall.
      2. Problem still not solved? We might ask you to send us a quick video so we can see what the issue is (that’s always a big help). Then we’ll send you a replacement part which will usually be with you in a day or two. Our standing desks are designed to be really easy to fix, so switching parts should be simple. We’ll collect the faulty component when you’re ready.
      3. If we installed your desk and the issue is more than a simple switch-out of a part, we’ll come and fix it for you.

      The really important bit: we’ll never leave you hanging. If a fix doesn’t work, we’ll find a way to sort it. If, ultimately, that means sending you a whole new desk, we’ll do that too.

      What do I need to get my desk fixed?

      Just proof of purchase – order number or your details will be fine. 

      Ready to complete your order? Do it at the top of this page or call us on 020 8064 0600