Stockholm: The World’s Best Standing Desk?

Stockholm: The World’s Best Standing Desk?


It’s not our only standing desk but it is the one for which we’re best known. For many of our customers it’s the only standing desk they’ll ever use. But why? In this post, we’re unpacking our Scandinavian favourite to help you decide whether the Stockholm is right for you.

There are some things everyone will consider when buying a standing desk. They’ll measure the space they’ve got. They’ll take a look at the online reviews. They’ll compare prices, although it may not be immediately obvious to them why one desk is so much cheaper/more expensive than another. They may even check that the desk will raise and lower to a height that’s going to work for them (and if you haven’t done that yet, best do it now).

Yet once they’ve done all that, they’ll still only have part of the story. That’s because the quality of standing desk often only becomes truly apparent when you’re stood at it. Which, we realise, is a bit of a problem if you’re planning to order one online.

So in this post we’re (hopefully) going to make your buying decision a whole lot easier by bringing together all the information you need to answer one simple question: is a Stockholm standing desk right for you?

How many standing desks are in the Stockholm range?

Let’s start with the original: the Stockholm standing desk. It’s available in seven desktop sizes (although our bespoke design service means you can choose virtually any size of desktop), four frame colours and 26 desktop finishes. Click the link to explore the desk and its technical specifications.

Then there’s the Stockholm Signature standing desk which adds the envy-inducing Rustik and Polished Chrome frames to the mix to give your office a dose of vintage industrial (Rustik) or sleek, glitzy (Polished Chrome) oomph. You still get seven desktop sizes and 26 finishes to choose from. These include 18 MFC (commercial grade melamine faced chipboard) ‘standard’ finishes, but if you want something a little more adventurous, you can also opt for:

In case you’re thinking the Stockholm Extra Heavy Duty Standing Desk is guilty of a little naming overkill, we’d best explain ourselves. The ‘standard’ Stockholm will take a load of 120kg (including the worktop). That’s roughly enough to carry 15 car tyres from an average family car (yes, we know an average family car doesn’t have 15 wheels, but you know what we mean). By comparison, Ikea’s Idasen will take a load of 75kg. By any measure, our regular Stockholm is heavy duty. So when we came to naming its big brother (with a load of 160kg) there was only one way to go.  

At the other end of the spectrum, and ideal if you’re having to work from home but don’t have acres of space to play with, is the Stockholm Micro Standing Desk. Despite the trimmer desktop size, there’s no reduction in your frame or desktop finish options, which are just the same as the Stockholm.

Finally, to complete the range, the Stockholm Standing and Signature desks are both available as height adjustable corner desks too.

So, in case you haven’t been keeping count, that means there are six sit stand desks in the Stockholm range.

What makes the Stockholm standing desk so good?

If you’ve owned a standing desk before, you’ll know the things to look (and listen) out for when choosing a new one. Range of finishes is one, which we’ve covered above, but there’s so much more.

Sturdiness matters because typing on a desk that isn’t rock solid will turn your screen into a blur. And Zooming at a desk with even a little bounce will make your callers wonder if you’re speaking from onboard a ship.

Speed of movement matters because you never want to feel as though your desk is holding you up (especially as one of the major attractions of a standing desk is the boost it can give to your productivity).

Noise matters, because you probably don’t want to have to apologise to the people next to you every time you adjust the height.

In direct comparisons between FRISKA desks and many of our competitors, you’ll find that the Stockholm sit stand desk is sturdier, raises and lowers quicker, and moves more quietly.

Want to see what that speed of movement looks like in reality? Take a look at this video review.

How do you assemble a Stockholm standing desk?  

Tools at the ready: take a look at our assembly video to find out just how easy it is to get your standing desk, er, standing.  

Has the Stockholm standing desk won any awards?

Yes, or at least FRISKA (the people who make and sell it) have. In 2021 we were named Best Online Standing Desk Retail Business by SME News and Standing Desk Retailer of the Year UK for 2021/22 by Corporate Live Wire magazine in their global awards program.  In 2022 we went one better, being named Best Standing Desk Supplier – Europe at the Home & Garden Awards.

What do the reviews say?

“I spent a considerable amount of time researching sit stand desks before deciding on FRISKA Desk - and I am absolutely delighted that I did so. The uniformly amazing 5-star reviews intrigued me and also made me a touch suspicious. Surely they can't be that good, I thought. I needn't have worried - they simply are that good.”

Jason C wrote that in November 2021 after he bought a Stockholm Signature. We’re rather happy to say Jason’s experience is typical.

To check for yourself, take a look at our on-site reviews, Google Reviews and our Trustpilot account.

Full disclosure: not every review relates to a Stockholm desk, but most do.

Is the FRISKA Stockholm standing desk really Swedish?

The frame and motors are, yes. No nefarious marketing tactics at work here, thank you very much. This isn’t one of those occasions where assembly happens in Sweden but all the parts are made elsewhere. Every FRISKA Stockholm standing desk frame is made in Sweden to the sort of exacting standards you’d expect.

All our desktops are manufactured in the UK, most of those in Wales using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified timber. That’s your assurance that all the wood comes only from well-managed forests or recycled sources.

Stockholm: the world’s best standing desk?

We think so. We’ve poured everything we know about standing desks into the Stockholm. It’s not the cheapest standing desk on the market (mind you, it’s far from the most expensive). But we really do believe it is the best standing desk money can buy.

Much more importantly, our customers think so too.

Take Peter R, who bought a Stockholm standing desk when working from home became his foreseeable future:

“Procrastinated to Grand Master level over getting one of these sit/stand desks. As others have mentioned, should have done it earlier. The quality of both the frame and the desk is outstanding and coupled with the deals (cable tray, inlay switch, port holes and extension cord) and the 10 year warranty, it eventually became a no brainer. I get the price will cause some issues, I had the same apprehension - but considering my working from home appears to be a permanent thing, I decided I would invest in my health and have no regrets in making the purchase. Truly is a lovely piece of equipment.”

Start choosing your Stockholm now. Browse options including memory switches, cable trays and lockable drawers here, and if you need a little help, just ask.

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