Packed With Eco-Friendliness

Packed With Eco-Friendliness


FRISKA Desk new ECO Packaging

Every part of a FRISKA desk has been designed with sustainability in mind. Including the packaging.

When your standing desk arrives, you might be glad to know that it’s not just the contents of the box that are designed to be kind to the planet. The box, and even the tape that seals the box, are eco-friendly too. 

(Almost) Plastic Free

Our packaging is 99.9% plastic free. And yes, that includes the tape. We’re working on the other 0.1%.

FSC certified cardboard

It’s not just our desktops that come from FSC certified sustainable forests. All the cardboard for our boxes does too, which means the wood used to create them is constantly being replenished in an environmentally friendly way. And as it grows, it actively draws carbon out of the environment.


Add plastic to your packaging and it could be making a mess of the environment for hundreds of years to come. But when your packaging is just cardboard, it will happily decompose completely within about two months.*

Toxin Free

The more plastic in your packaging, the greater the risk that harmful toxins used in its manufacture are released. Because our boxes are almost entirely free from plastic, they’re free from harmful chemicals too.

Easily Recycled or Reused

With no funny business going on in our packaging, you’ll find no issues recycling it with your other household or office cardboard. But before you throw it out, have a think about whether you’re able to reuse it in some way. It’s a quality box. Would be a shame to let it go to waste…

Still Up To The Job

 “We want sustainability,” we said to our lovely packaging partners. But all the eco-friendliness in the world won’t be of much use if it doesn’t protect your standing desk on its journey to you. So we’ve been working together to rigorously test every last flap and fold of our boxes to ensure that they keep your desk well protected.


Want to know more about the sustainability of our standing desks or packaging? Give us a call.


*Source: Ecofreek

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