Introducing Eskön, Our Lowest Priced Swedish Standing Desk

Introducing Eskön, Our Lowest Priced Swedish Standing Desk


Somehow, we’ve managed to make our lowest-priced Swedish-made motorised standing desk even cheaper than our lowest priced manually adjustable one.

Everyone can benefit from a standing desk. Spend just a day at a sit/stand desk and your back will thank you. Your shoulders and legs will thank you. Your productivity, bottom line and boss will thank you.

There’s just one small problem. As wonderful as our FRISKA standing desks are, we realise that, budget-wise, they’re not for everyone.

If, as an individual or company, you’re testing the waters with hybrid working, you may not feel now is quite the right time to invest in the top of the range glory of a Stockholm Signature. If you have lots of people on the payroll, choosing a model at the budget end of the spectrum may help you ensure everyone gets to benefit.

And if you need a standing desk that requires only the heft to support a mouse, monitor and coffee cup, you could probably live without the heavy duty grunt of an Extra Heavy Duty Stockholm. Unless you have a 140kg coffee cup. A lighter duty budget standing desk may well suit you just fine.

That, then, was our challenge.

Best in Class on a Budget

‘Budget’ conjures up certain connotations doesn’t it? It suggests corners have been cut or that choice has been reduced. It suggests compromises that, in a hundred small ways, result in something lesser.

So before we defined our latest desk, first, we needed to redefine that word ‘budget’.

To us, the challenge of creating a budget standing desk lay in meeting the very highest standards for the lowest possible price. Could we create a budget desk that felt anything but budget? Could we beat our previous lowest price – the rather lovely Origin Malmo? And could we place our lowest priced standing desk next to the similarly priced competition and say with confidence, ‘ours is better’?

This would be a really surprising post if the answer to those questions was no, wouldn’t it?

Origin Eskon standing desk with black frame and ferro bronze desktop

Introducing Eskön

Say hello to Eskön. In case you’re wondering, it’s named after a small town some 100km north of Stockholm (which is ironic given the price is some £200 south of our Stockholm).

Who Is Eskön Designed For?

This is a lighter duty standing desk, although maximum load is still an extremely beefy 80kg. To put that in context, a keyboard, monitor and personal printer will likely only weigh a total of around 10kg.

If everything you do is screen based and your desk is relatively clear of weighty clutter, Eskön will happily let you work in sturdy comfort, with the single motor perfectly capable of raising and lowering your desk position a few times every day.

If, however, you have more screens than the RAC control centre. If you are a lawyer with books that weigh the equivalent of a baby elephant. Or if you need your desk to rise faster and more frequently than the price of petrol, you might need a desk with a dual motor (the Origin Malmo, for example) or with a higher load capacity (like this Extra Heavy Duty Stockholm).

Our Best Priced Standing Desk

Let’s cut to the chase. At time of writing, the Origin Eskön is £387 (ex VAT). That’s almost £100 cheaper than our previously lowest priced powered desk. It is also, rather bizarrely, £12 cheaper than the non-powered, manually height adjustable Ljungby. And no, we haven’t worked out how that happened either.

Take advantage of one of the monthly offers we regularly run and your desk will effectively cost you even less. And yes, even though this is our lowest priced desk, all our deals still apply. Explore our standing desk deals and offers here.

You can even split the payments into three – without fees - thanks to those lovely Klarna people.

A Budget Sit/Stand Desk Without the Budget Feel

Of course, anyone can throw a low priced standing desk together. The trick is doing it while retaining the quality hallmarks that belie the price.

With the Eskön, you’ll get just the same materials, service and lots of the choice we put into all our desks, including:

  • A desktop made of British grown, FSC certified timber
  • A Swedish-made frame comprising 30% recycled steel
  • Three frame colour options
  • A mighty 12 desktop finish options
  • A Swedish motor with Austrian control unit, which means better quality materials, thicker steel and tighter tolerances in a motor that will comfortably outlast similarly priced alternatives
  • Large, sturdy fixings that create one of the most stable desks in its class
  • Lots of the customisability you’d expect to find in far more expensive sit/stand desks – from a lockable drawer to monitor arms and a surge protected power lead
  • A no-nonsense five year guarantee
  • The sort of service that generates reviews like these

You’ll also get a much lower carbon footprint with Eskön than with virtually any other desk in its price range (and many significantly above its price range), because the Eskön is manufactured much closer to home.

The Eskön Secret

Just to be contrary, we’ll end this post by going back to our starting point when developing the Eskön standing desk, and it’s one of the most important factors in making it several cuts above its low priced opposition.

There are two types of business in the low price sit stand desk market: the furniture makers who need to add a standing desk to their range, and the standing desk manufacturers who need to add options to suit every budget.

The first group don’t have a heritage in standing desks; they just need to ensure that, when someone asks ‘do you sell cheap standing desks’ they can say yes. So their starting position is ‘how can we make a cheap standing desk?’. Then, every decision they make is based on achieving that goal. You can imagine what that leads to.

The second group starts from a different position. They have a heritage in standing desk manufacture. They’ve built an impressive reputation and they’re not about to squander it by putting something out that lets the side down. Their starting position is ‘how can we make a great standing desk, but at a lower price than we’ve ever done before?’

You won’t be surprised to learn that we’re squarely in that latter camp.

We set out to make the very best standing desk we could make for the lowest possible price. The result was the Origin Eskön. And we’d love you to discover it for yourself.

Find out more about Eskön or for a chat about anything else standing desk-related, just get in touch.

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