Stability: FRISKA Stockholm v Fully Jarvis Desk

Stability: FRISKA Stockholm v Fully Jarvis Desk


A brilliant unsponsored video from Alex at Gear and Tech ( showing how his old Fully Jarvis desk wobbles badly when in use, compared to his new FRISKA Stockholm desk.

The Stockholm is the most stable height adjustable sit-stand desk available in the world today and whilst it can be made to move a couple of mm at full height if you push to wobble it, this is not noticeable during normal use.

Our reviews from delighted customers speak volumes for testimony of this fact: FRISKA reviews.

There’s also an independent in-depth review from a customer on Reddit which is well worth worth reading: Reddit Review.

Here are some more reasons why ours are the steadiest standing desks on the planet:

  • The quality and gauge of the steel we use is world class.
  • The Stockholm standing desk has a thick steel 'U-Beam' securing both legs at the top and providing multiple fixing points to the desktop.
  • Our tolerances between moving components is minimal.
  • Our leg separators / plastic inserts are precisely machined for each leg set giving finer tolerances and less movement between components.
  • The frames are designed to prevent wobble, not designed to a price point.
  • We use beefier fixings than any other manufacturer to assemble the frame with, giving higher torque tolerances with less chance of working loose.
  • We also thoroughly recommend the use of a sturdy monitor arm to help eliminate any unnecessary wobble at your monitor.

  • It’s worth bearing in mind that cheap imported standing desks often have massive stability problems.

    Why Your Standing Desk Wobbles (& How to Fix It)


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