How Standing Desks Impacts Work Health

How Standing Desks Impacts Work Health


The new normal embraces a hybrid working environment in light of the recent events from the pandemic. But wherever you hustle, it’s important to care for your mental health at work and boost productivity by creating a healthier environment—be it at home or in the office. After all, picturing the standard, the nine-to-five business model looks the same everywhere: people spend most of their work hours hunched over the desk.

 Taking lunch and coffee breaks in between doesn’t cut it anymore, as most of the time spent sitting down can compromise your mental and physical health. But you don’t have to sit through all these issues throughout your career, especially when something as simple as investing in a sit-stand desk can do wonders for making work feel comfortable and consequently more productive.

How a Sit-Stand Desk can Enhance Your Workplace and Wellbeing

Benefit #1: Helps Maintain Fitness 

You don’t need to hustle at the gym every day to stay active, as low-impact activities like standing and walking are enough to improve your physical wellness. Standing every after hour as you go through the notions of your work can even help you burn some calories! While this won’t have a dramatic effect on your weight-loss goals, taking the time to stand every few minutes has a positive impact on your mindset.

Benefit #2: Refuels Your Energy

When people spend more time on their feet, it encourages better blood circulation, which can boost your energy as standing prevents people from feeling sluggish. When the afternoon slump strikes, standing while sipping coffee is the perfect way to beat your daytime sleepiness and keep you engaged throughout the workday.

Benefit #3: Improves Posture

People know the health ramifications of one’s posture, but it’s harder to realize its effects when you’re deep into your tasks. The impact of poor posture often comes too late, resulting in constant back pains, weight gain, and an overall unhealthy disposition.

 When you have a sit-stand desk, you can improve your ergonomics and improve your posture. Of course, you also have to make an effort to make the most out of your sit-stand desk, which you can do with the following steps:

  • Make sure the height of the desk matches the natural angle your elbow makes when writing, so it should be just below the forearm;

  • Be sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and shoulder-width apart. Buying an anti-fatigue mat can also take the pressure off your feet, but it’s enough to keep them firmly planted on the floor;

  • Position your monitor 20 inches away from your face and ensure that it meets your eye level.

The Bottom Line: How Sit-Stand Desks can Enhance the Way You Work Moving Forward 

When you feel comfortable and healthy during work, you can uplift your spirits and have a greater sense of purpose as you go through the day. While a sit-stand desk seems straightforward, the changes it makes to your workspace can truly elevate your productivity.

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