Standing Desks: Are They Better for a Work From Home Setup?

Standing Desks: Are They Better for a Work From Home Setup?

As the world shifted to working from home because of the COVID pandemic, living a sedentary lifestyle has become much of a norm. Since people stayed indoors, there has been less time to exercise and stay active. 

Unfortunately, living an inactive lifestyle may seem harmless, but it could lead to severe health risks, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. At worst, it may even result in early death.

However, technology has made yet another improvement on how people live their lives—through an innovative invention called standing desks.


What are Standing Desks?

 Standing desks have become popular among people working from home. They are tables with built-in machines that can increase or decrease their height, promoting a less inactive lifestyle. The problem with spending significant time seated while working is it increases your risk of getting headaches and eye problems, not to mention the adverse effects it brings to your posture.

 However, by investing in a table that promotes a more active lifestyle while employees work from home, there is a chance that they can improve the quality of their work even while being at home. But are standing desks a better choice for home offices?


Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing desks are beneficial for long hours of work, usually in front of a computer. In a study, adults now spend at least six hours in front of a desk for work. That does not include the time spent for recreational activities on a computer. However, the human body cannot handle long hours of work seated down, resulting in strains on your necks and discs and muscle degeneration. Luckily, acquiring a standing desk can provide the following benefits:


1. Reduces Back Pains

Back pain, especially on the lower back, is common for employees who sit all day. There have been studies done to see the correlation between standing desks and the reduction of back pain. 

In one study, the participants have reported a 32 per cent improvement in lower back pain after only a few weeks of using standing desks. In another study, a month of using sit-stand desks have improved upper back and neck pains by up to 54 per cent. Meanwhile, the participants also noticed that the improvements had been reversed in only two weeks of not using the standing desks while working.


2. Helps Improve Mood and Energy Levels 

As offices continue to recognise how important their employees’ well-being is, standing desks may also influence a worker’s mood and energy levels. For seven weeks, a study tested several participants using a standing desk and found they were less stressed and tired than traditional desks at work.  

Meanwhile, 87 per cent of those participants reported they experienced increased vigour and energy throughout the day. However, upon returning to their standard-issued desks, their overall mood went back to normal. The results also seemingly align with studies done to understand how a sedentary lifestyle links to increased risks of depression and anxiety.


3. Boosts Productivity

Lastly, standing desks push for boosted productivity levels at work. After studying sixty young office employees, using a standing desk for four hours a day had no impact on their work performance, specifically making typing errors. For context, the common concern on standing desks is that they might hinder standard office tasks, such as typing. But instead, it shows that the employees maintained excellent productivity levels and boosted moods throughout the day.



The shift to working from home was a struggle for most employees, especially those used to an office setup for so long. Working in the office has always been considered the standard, so the change of environment forced working professionals to modify their lifestyle to adapt to the situation. Although it’s inevitable to practice a sedentary lifestyle at home, there are ways to continue staying active, such as stretching every day, walking, or switching to standing desks. 

FRISKA understands the importance of putting employees’ health first. Standing desks might be a great addition to your workspace for people looking for a new home office design. Prioritise mental health at home by inquiring how to get your standing desk today!

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