9 reasons why you really need a sit-stand desk

9 reasons why you really need a sit-stand desk

There are many arguments to suggest that regular use of a height adjustable desk and regularly standing up at work is the way forward, but here at FRISKA we like to make things simple and have come up with the fundamental reasons why you NEED a height adjustable desk!

Here are 9 reasons why you need a height adjustable desk

  • Bone health - Helps to keep your joints supple, alleviates symptoms of back and neck pain
  • Productivity - get more done, as there is no slacking when you are standing this improves concentration so you are less likely to fall asleep!
  • More than one person can use the desk at any height
  • Makes any workplace disabled/handicapped friendly - the desks go lower than traditional desk height as well as higher.  Perfect for wheelchair users.
  • Makes meetings more efficient and effective - no slouching!
  • Makes phone conversations more focused and dynamic - perfect for sales representatives who want to achieve more!
  • Gives more working flexibility,and motivates.  Variety is the spice of life!
  • Reduces risk of heart disease or failure - live longer!
  • Increased metabolic rate - burn more calories whilst working!

As well as all of this, at FRISKA we offer fantastic prices, and free next day delivery to all of the mainland UK!

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