How long should I spend standing?

How long should I spend standing?

How long should I spend standing? A question I asked frequently, to which I believe there is no one answer that will work for everyone. Just think, one extra hour of standing at your desk in a day is one hour in which your metabolism is higher, your core is engaged, your mental focus is increased…and more!

With height adjustable desks you have the ability to start and get used to standing more in a way that will perfectly suit your individual needs and preferences.

So where do I start?

-Try having stand up meetings – if you are all standing, they will progress faster, you’ll be more focused, and therefore get more achieved in a shorter space of time!

-Raise your desk to make phone calls – this gives a definitive time to be on your feet, and you will find yourself making more efficient and productive calls.

-Stand up after lunch – this will aid digestion and stop you feeling sleepy at the start of the afternoon.

I’d love to hear comments and feedback from anyone who is currently using a height adjustable desk or standing desk (UK or worldwide) and has another benefit or positive feedback to share!  How long do you spend standing at your desk?

In some countries, the option for employees to have a standing desk is mandatory, sadly not in the UK though!

If you would like to know more about sit/stand height adjustable desks, or want to talk about how you can implement them in your workplace, have a chat with one of the team at FRISKA  UK on 0330 133 1937 to have all your questions answered! 

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