Wheelchair accessible desks

Wheelchair accessible desks

Wheel accessible desks: Did you know that the Stockholm height adjustable desk by FRISKA is especially suitable for wheelchair access?  With a unique ability to go as low as 640mm and raise and fall quickly to allow easy access for disabled and wheelchair bound persons, this desk helps to take the hassle and pain out of everyday life.

As firm believers in doing everything we can to aid disabled people, we have developed this desk as the ultimate solution to finding the best position to maintain the best possible posture, even whilst sitting! 

This desk also raises to a massive 1300mm, so if you are sharing a desk or hot desking, then this allows the perfect sitting or standing position for every user. #officegoals

If you would like to try one of these desks out, call 0330 133 1937 or email sales@friskadesk.com and ask to see your area representative.

Wheelchair accessible desks by FRISKA - Swedish built disability aids.

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