COVID-19 and home working

COVID-19 and home working

The UK government have been explicit: “You may travel for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home.”

As the virus continues to spread extensively, it’s fair to say that a significant challenge is being posed to many organisations, all employers and employees are being affected in some way. Employers have a statutory duty of care for employees’ health and safety, and to provide a safe place to work and this includes anyone who is working remotely.

With this huge shift to homeworking, it becomes obvious to most employees that after a week or two of slouching on the sofa or hunched over the laptop at the dining room table whilst sitting on a hard chair, that their physical health is really likely to suffer, especially as enforced homeworking is likely to be protracted.

Making sure that you are looking after both your mental and physical wellbeing are of paramount importance and we believe that getting yourself a good quality height adjustable desk forms a major part of how you will succeed over the coming months.

There are other considerations too; like making sure you have good natural ventilation and are near to a natural light source as well as staying connected with your team via Skype or Zoom, etc. but with the tight restrictions on leaving our houses giving us challenges on the exercise we get, a standing desk should be one of the most important considerations for you right now.

With the above in mind, it's well worth asking your boss to provide you with a sit-stand desk as part of their responsibility to look after your health and safety... if you don't ask, you don't get!

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