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Friska Stockholm-micro sit stand desk

Promote your child's productivity with one of these small and adjustable tables

This standing desk has literally changed our lives. Yes, it’s expensive, but if your budget can stretch to this, you won’t regret it. Made in Sweden, it’s a micro version of the company’s all time bestselling standing desk with a smaller top that's ideal for kids, and a small footprint, making it more practical if space is limited.

The best part is the electrical height adjustment feature – at the touch of a button, it quietly and smoothly adjusts to your exact height preference, so the user can move effortlessly between sitting and standing. It’s brilliant for a shared workspace at home, as everyone in the household can easily adjust the height to suit their individual preferences, and you can even programme it to remember four different height settings.

This was our first foray into the world of standing desks and the whole family are converted. Our teenage testers tackled home-schooling with more energy when standing, and our overworked home-school supervisor found her productivity improved drastically when she spent evenings catching up on work at this desk. The desk frame is finished in tough scratch resistant coating and you can choose from 11 different worktop colours and finishes.

Buy now £782, FriskaDesk (Bundle price, as shown)

Heidi Scrimgeour